New Tie, Old Theme

I have discussed earlier (yeah, g’wan and click it, its a good post)  the idea and look of a textured sweater underneath a suit and the ensuing contrasting that you can use.

Here I was in the mood of retaking the cashmere vests from colombo cashmere and also in dire need of retaking a tie that I have taken yeterday but due to bad lighting chose to go to sleep instead of actually posting the darned thing with the following result:

I started with this the charcoal vest, the blue shirt and a green and black tie striped small patterned tie. All three colors work well enough for a sedate look.

I then added the Hickey Freeman Madison Suit in a Navy, thinking that the navy works well with the charcoal, the charcoal with the black and green and all the above well enough with the shirt. To liven it up just a little I chose a vintage floral green square.

Here I opened up the jacket just to show how nicely it blends together.

Of interesting note I probably wouldn’t have chosen the tie with the strong black presence in it as a first option for the navy suit but being buffered by the charcoal vest it went fine.

Have a great weekend!

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The Old Ways Are The Best Ways

;lYesterday and the days preceding we worked with the ties I wanted to move being highlighted and not the backdrop. For comparison, here is one of the combos. Go ahead and blow up the square photo and see how well it goes with the jacket and tie:

Lets look a little at changing up the backdrop and see what we get:

Here I introduced a vintage print tie (The old ways are the bet ways, get it?) The blue surrounding the circles work in to the blue in the jacket.  Same with the blue in the square.

Here as well the blues in the tie work back to the blue in the jacket.

Tomorrow some more variations.


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In the Black and In the Red (The Stock Market Today)

Considering that it was an historic day on wall street what with a 1K drop and the subsequent recovery to “only” 350 points down, I would be remiss in not doing a post about it today.

I believe that I have said before that black and red are closely related.  Its why black and red go so well together.

Here is an ensemble with red tie against the blue shirt as well as the grey sportscoat. The one question you might have on the jacket is the beige colored check.  It doesnt bother me.  I used the linen cream square to tone it all down.  Light blue shirts work almost anywhere.

Here I swapped it for a Black taffeta tie with raw silk tone on tone stripe.  The black against the gray coat work perfectly with grey essentially being a shade of black.  The raw silk stripe makes it better matched texture wise with the textured sports coat. Cream linen square again makes it all classic.

Here’s to wishing you all have a great Friday and if you are in the market remember that age old adage.

“Bulls make money.  Bears make money.  Pigs get slaughtered” 🙂

Right Tie, Wrong Shirt

I have mentioned in the past but I cant say it enough that contrast is generally your friend. Colors of items can match yet if you group too many of the same color together invariably one or the other item will look wrong.

Here is an example of the colors being correct but the applications being wrong. Rust and orange, works with black and nicely so, yet the use of the rust tie here together with the rust colored check shirt will leave you wanting.

Better in the same pattern is the green shirt, which works well with the black jacket and the contrasting rust tie. The square has a little bit of everything in it so thats no problem.

You might feel that this square is too closely color related to the rust tie and I wont disagree, so to change that you have this square.

Finally, if you absolutely love that orange shirt, change the tie so that you gain your contrast in other ways as so:

Incidentaly, my first Orange Shirt writeup 🙂 at least the first tag created for an orange shirt that is. Kewl!

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