Contrasting with Layers

Sheesh peoples…Is it so hard to comment below or click on the stars above (when you click on the permalink for any  particular post)?  Not asking much here. 😦

Anyway…needing to retake the shots of the cashmere silks (and I should probably retake most of my earlier tie shots) I figured I would incorporate the previous concepts of layering into the shots (and thereby kill two birds with one stone as I could shoot the vests and the ties at the same time).

As mentioned earlier, keep the contrasts coming and use the layer as an aesthetic accessory as well as a practical one.

Results are here.  Interestingly enough I used a NAVY cardigan vest yet it photographed like a black.  Both are acceptable.  The light Blue shirt, Colombo Cashmere vest and the Zig Zag Cashmere Silk tie in Blue and light Brown.

Made up of this:

Here is the squares twill cashmere Silk Tie,  the reverse,  beige vest with a Navy suit.  I like this square in here since the red shocks life into the Navy suit and the gold beige works with the vest. (I know that the square here looks nothing like the link, just dump it into the items that I need to retake folder. 😦  )

Made up of this:


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