New Tie, Old Theme

I have discussed earlier (yeah, g’wan and click it, its a good post)  the idea and look of a textured sweater underneath a suit and the ensuing contrasting that you can use.

Here I was in the mood of retaking the cashmere vests from colombo cashmere and also in dire need of retaking a tie that I have taken yeterday but due to bad lighting chose to go to sleep instead of actually posting the darned thing with the following result:

I started with this the charcoal vest, the blue shirt and a green and black tie striped small patterned tie. All three colors work well enough for a sedate look.

I then added the Hickey Freeman Madison Suit in a Navy, thinking that the navy works well with the charcoal, the charcoal with the black and green and all the above well enough with the shirt. To liven it up just a little I chose a vintage floral green square.

Here I opened up the jacket just to show how nicely it blends together.

Of interesting note I probably wouldn’t have chosen the tie with the strong black presence in it as a first option for the navy suit but being buffered by the charcoal vest it went fine.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Congratulation,charcoal is a very versatile color.I personally like this assemble.


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