Not Giving Up My Day Job

If you got a chance to read the about me page to the right you would have noticed that I dont just do this for fun, although I enjoy this part of the business immensely. I actually do this for a living in our kids shop. The men’s ties/accessories etc. is not yet a self sustaining (read, cant support a family on it just yet). And thats where you people step in :-).

Below are a few looks that I put together yesterday, mostly from our Hickey Freeman His First line. I’ll spare the links as most of it is only available in our kids store, but if you have a need of anything from the kids line, please feel free to reach out to us either here or at

Springier Spring Looks

Keeping the jacket (since almurtadza liked it so much ūüôā ) we get a brighter look by swapping out the shirt for a yellowish one and brightening up the tie a bit. Here we can afford this color blue tie which works well against the yellow but might not have worked as well against the blue shirt as the tie has a bit of aqua green blue in it.

For squares I give three options before changing the tie for an rust orange one which makes the ensemble all that more serious and somber.

Yellow Shirt, Blue Textured Tie, orange Square and Hickey Freeman Jacket:

Switching square for Square:

And for a little more color in the square we try this multicolor baby:

Finally, with the same square in place I moved over to the rust tie.  Not at all bad, but a different less bright look.

Spring Looks

Here is a Hickey Freeman Silk and Wool Jacket with a light blue shirt, shown first with a rose pink linen square and then with a light blue square. In all cases the shirt is the same as is the tie, this satin based tri stripe number from the Spring 10 collection.

In this case I introduced some more color and pattern with this vintage floral paisley square.  I thought it gave a nice shock of color and being green with burgundy highlights blended well with the other elements of the ensemble.

With the square detail here:

Another Wedding Guest

Alright…back at the ranch ¬†the question of wearing a pink shirt (light pink) with a tan jacket and Chocolate brown pants would work for a wedding. ¬†Of course the beige with the Bbrown is a winner. ¬†The issue was the pink shirt. ¬†To me thepink shirt with the beige looks washed and ¬†doesnt offer enough contrast. ¬†Now although tht erequest was not with a patterned sportscoat all I have was this one and to be sure the concept of the post works even without the orangish windowpane. ¬†Even the salmon colored tie works well enough with the contrasted shirt and the tone of the beige sportcoat. ¬†Orange panes not necessary.

I liked the first option for the contrast of the salmon tie as well as the satin nature of the field which gave it some more of a special occasion to it.  Suitable for a wedding (of course not quite white tie affair but still.  This next option is a little less bold but works equaly well bringing the ensemble together.

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Something Fresh

OK, As usual posted the pics without actually writing about em.  Now here goes.

I like this ensemble alot.  As the name of the post indicates I think that its fresh for (dont look out your window) but spring.  The blue against the Beige of the jacket, the Silver and orange from the tie coming against the blue of the shirt and working with the jacket as well.  Highlighted by the square which has a shock of black and orange that works with the jacket and tie.

The jacket is actually a little less yellow hued than the photo lets on but I think that its enough to give the idea.  In fact I took a closeup of the  jacket/square so you can the actual color below.

Now using the same tie lets bring it over (with the same shirt) to a Navy shadow stripe suit and we see how it goes.  The tie matches wonderfully with the suit and the tie gives it a nice contrast color. the shocking red and Navy square is just that.  Shocking (in that good way of course)!

Orange coloration not your thing?  Try it with the Beige and light blue version of the same tie for this effect:


Finally here is the close up of the sportcoat and the square.  I love these squares because they have so much color.  I think that this is one of those squares that has 9 different colors in it.  I think youc an pretty much see all of them.

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