Right Tie, Wrong Shirt

I have mentioned in the past but I cant say it enough that contrast is generally your friend. Colors of items can match yet if you group too many of the same color together invariably one or the other item will look wrong.

Here is an example of the colors being correct but the applications being wrong. Rust and orange, works with black and nicely so, yet the use of the rust tie here together with the rust colored check shirt will leave you wanting.

Better in the same pattern is the green shirt, which works well with the black jacket and the contrasting rust tie. The square has a little bit of everything in it so thats no problem.

You might feel that this square is too closely color related to the rust tie and I wont disagree, so to change that you have this square.

Finally, if you absolutely love that orange shirt, change the tie so that you gain your contrast in other ways as so:

Incidentaly, my first Orange Shirt writeup 🙂 at least the first tag created for an orange shirt that is. Kewl!

Da Plane, Da Plane!

Remember the opening scenes from Fantasy Island?  Da Plane Boss, Da Plane!  Anyway, last week I emailed a post from the lounge at Newark international as to what I was wearing on my flight to Italy.

Here is the breakdown and it included a Hickey Freeman Sportscoat, One of my blue shirts, the large painted paisley square, and a Zimmerli V-Neck Merino Sweater (available at CustomShirt1.com .

Here is the detail of the square.

I didnt wear a tie as it was travel but if I had to for any particular occasion I suspect that something like this wool striped tie would have been appropriate.

Shown here without the sweater.

And here is the youtube of the opening scene of Fantasy Island for you.  (Was it really 1978?????)

Tie By Tie 14 (4 at one Blow)

Like Mickey, the hero in Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (Video Link Below) , I easily could have done 7 ties at one blow, or rather with this one background of the brown suit/blue shirt, Large painted paisley square that was out from yesterday but I figured that four would suffice.

Here you have “4 at one blow”! (and call me a dolt but I just figured out that I could size pics for regular viewing and have those same pics clickable to reveal the high res., so feel free to click on any picture you like to get the real up close and personal story 🙂

Lead off is a a no brainer tie,   Brown with blue warp and stripes.

A little more daring, orange, slate blue, tans and light browns.  All work nicely with the brown suit and blue shirt.

This, an orange and blue paisley is one of those ties that has a blue warp so depending on how you hold it is what you see.  In general,  Blue + Brown + Light Orange = Nice.

Finally, a navy satin field with blue and brown and Burgundy stripes.

And as promised, here is the Disney Classic:

3 up 3 down

PS(As in Pre Script):  If you noticed I added a tagger link on the right where you can Tag these posts on Delicious.com, please feel free to do so (yeah, spread the word, thanks!).

Anyway, I was informed that the following jacket which I have been labeling as a sports coat is in fact part of a suit but that would not make a difference here.

Here are some suggestions for the Black Check suit sent to me, I welcome thoughts and comments.  (Votes are nice too 🙂 )

I was torn between these two squares, the ovals or the painted Paisley in rust and Black  which I show in this shot.  Meanwhile I went with the one on the right, a rich favorite of mine.

This tie shows more red here in the pic but its a ruby red grapefruit color in actuality.  A rather rich color as well.

The burgundy cashmere/silk blend works but it doesn’t much more than a subtle hello. (which is fine 😉 )

I love this tie, and I like the way that it gives color and life without having any burgundy in it. Its got greys, purple, rust and I think  it looks really nice here.  Quite probably my first choice with this jacket.

For some more on the subject, if you have been following my blog for a bit you will know that I posted about a similar jacket with similar coloration.  It was a Brioni suit but withlarger window panes.  Here is the post as well as here.  It bears looking over as I think the colors are similar even if the Brioni was more slated to a grey brown and this is a more distinct black check.

Some More Fall

Here are some more fall looks for you with that same Hickey Freeman Jacket, this time though with a grey twill shirt you have seen before

In some of these cases though I kept to typical ties with fall-like colors as opposed to textured wools.  Darker is usually considered more fall-like being more somber and all that, dont shoot me, thats just the way it usually is.)

The square was a nice Burgundy/Rust/Gold one with darkish colors that complement nicely the black of the jacket and you can see the detail here.  Pretty much every color in the square would work independantly with the jacket.

The tie used here is a blackish with a blue stripe tie from Petronius.  The hand on the Petronius and Attolini ties are simply wonderful.

A four fold (Italian Seven Fold) Attolini Tie with the charcoal grey field and a rusty burgundy stripe.

Burgundy as you know is a classic color which works well with most things (as does the ever so boring grey) Here is a burgundy cashmere silk blend.

And here is the same blend in Blue

Back with more Pindots

OK.  Back and ready to go.  Other than meeting one of the Colombo Cashmere Owners, Roberto Colombo, we were sadly dissapointed about the trip this time as the kids lines (which is what we go for for the most part) was uninspiring.  I did order some really nice ties for the coming season as well as some new squares and some contrast border squares for somewhat immediate arrival.

Anyway, back to the Pindot discussion.

Here you have two colors of the same patterned tie (both are four folds), together with a light Blue mildly textured weave shirt (not really sure as to what you might call the fabric) and a black (yes black) lightly windowpane checked suit.  The Lighter Color tie is probably more useful albeit less dressy.  The darker is for more serious events.  Either way very usable in being there but not too much.

Made up of this. I particularly like this square as it can end up looking like so many different squares. Here the gold hits against the starkness of the black suit and dark tie popping a little.

Using the lighter tie you get a more bright look (not screaming but more awake). Square remains the same.

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