Lotsa Squares

According to Alan Flusser, one can match “like patterns”  (squares with squares, dots with dots ,stripes with stripes etc.) so long as the size of the patterns are different.

Using the same jacket and shirt as last post we show Flussers principle in action.  The squares on the pattern of the jacket are large (windowpanes) yet the squares on the tie are not, and they blend well together.  Note how the tie has not a drop of brown in it yet it works well with the jacket and thats due to the bluye, ecru/grey and even the navy which the jacket has as well (see the closeup I show below).


Of course swapping out the grey shirt for the light blue one below gives an even stronger look.


And finally if you bring in the square that I was reffering to in the previous post you get this look.  I like an abstract square here as another definitive pattern might look goofy.  Certainly if you tried to put in another square patterened pocket square.

Here is the closeup of the fabric, with the close flash which distorts the colors somewhat you get a better look at the blues in the jacket (The closeup also shows the blues (one of about 9 colors ) in the orange square:


A night at the Symphony

I have been really busy but here is a question and a request from a customer.

“The occasion will be for the Symphony once a month, and for rare social occasions that I cannot foresee, and all for evening. I am retired from business with no contacts. Perhaps 25% of the men at the symphony wear ties, and maybe 10% wear suits – including me. My wife is inclined towards red. I am inclined to something more “winey” but not as dark as burgundy. That is why I was wanting to compare the two. The blue tie was just my idea as an alternative, and something to go with a medium gray suit with muted blue windowpanes.”

OK. The customer suggested two and a third in the blue family. I offered some suggestions centered on the Burgundy theme.

Here are the shots. More information to follow:

The conservative Law Interview

At request (yes, we welcome your requests) I was asked to match some conservative ties to a navy suit/white shirt. Square not being worn due to the interview. Of course there are much more conservative (to be read, “boring”) colors for an interview but the feel that I got from the interviewee was that he wanted a color similar to the light blue tie in pic 1.

Here is what I came up with (one I know is not all that conservative but what the heck).

I will just post them all for now and leave comment for you the reader. Havent now got the time to comment or link the ties, I will get to that later.

And the not so conservative (not due to color but due to size of the stripes)

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