Hot and Cold

Although there is the general consensus that certain colors are better suited for certain seasons, (Light Fresh colors are better for Spring/Summer and Dark forboding ones for Winter etc.) A classic style and color tie will not be restricted to any particular season as shown below:

This seven fold tie shown first with the cream jacket and orange floral Square:

And the same combo show here for your Winter wear, i,e, Navy Suit.

Happy First day of Summer to you!

And Then There Were None

Finally, the last installment of the “time to say good bye” group of ties.

This particular set is perfect for the person that wants the tie to whisper like the people of Who-ville “we are here”. These two ties are sedate and offer just enough to be seen without really being heard.  Shown first with the ecru shirt as a light blue would have (totally camouflaged the tie to the background of the shirt), and accompanied with the sky blue and cream floral square.  All against a navy suit.  First the Blue and Silver Version:

And with the square in play:

And then the blue with beige version of this same tie

Here though I felt that the beige version did more against the blue shirt since it had the beige in it and was getting lost against the cream shirt.

Have a great day! 🙂

Lost Marbles

Sorry about yesterday, I was in the city all day shopping Burberry for our kids shop and although I had taken pics earlier that I intended to post, I was too tired last night to post them!.

Tonight though I am not that tired but I seem to be losing my marbles because the pictures that I took yesterday and while I had taken a third group I cannot seem to find the first two, so here is what I have for tonight and tomorrow I will post the remaining ties:

Again, these are included in those ties that will be going at 40% off

The Blue/Orange theme is one that has been discussed at length and here it is in action again:

Blue Shirt, Navy Blue Suit and Blue, Beige and Orange Tie, accessorized with the orange and cream floral square:

Shown in play here:

Con Te Partiro – Time To Say Good Bye!

No Sillies, not to me. I am having lots of fun here 🙂

But its time to say good bye to some of the older merchandise that I have in the store, like this series. (and the next few days of posts).

Before I put them on the clearance page I offer them to my readers at 40% off for hand made in Italy saddle stitch four and seven fold ties.

All shown here with a navy blue suit and light blue shirt with a blue and cream flowers square.


The blue and brown horizontal stripe

With the Square detail here:

Navy Tie:

Orange Tie:

And Burgundy:

And finally as I “borrowed” the name of the song for the title of the post, I would be remiss in not posting the you tube video of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman:

Enjoy (I always do)!

Springier Spring Looks

Keeping the jacket (since almurtadza liked it so much 🙂 ) we get a brighter look by swapping out the shirt for a yellowish one and brightening up the tie a bit. Here we can afford this color blue tie which works well against the yellow but might not have worked as well against the blue shirt as the tie has a bit of aqua green blue in it.

For squares I give three options before changing the tie for an rust orange one which makes the ensemble all that more serious and somber.

Yellow Shirt, Blue Textured Tie, orange Square and Hickey Freeman Jacket:

Switching square for Square:

And for a little more color in the square we try this multicolor baby:

Finally, with the same square in place I moved over to the rust tie.  Not at all bad, but a different less bright look.

Tie By Tie 19 (The “Well Read” Man)

Being born and bred into the clothing business I can probably name more colors by name than your typical man. Even so, there was no chance in France that I was prepared for the name that this great site’s color wheel generated for the color of the stripe of this tie, which was Well Read (AA2E36 garnished from the color dropper in Photoshop).  I again left the orange square thinking that it might work well with the jacket but these recent two ties move it out of place labeling it as way too bright with this ensemble.

Instead I used the second square from yesterday.  More toned down and with so many complementary colors it blended in perfectly with the ensemble.

Here is the square detail.  Note the blue highlight and how it matches the blue in the tie almost perfectly.

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Tie By Tie 18 (Your Omega-3 Source)

Had a long day today so the text part of todays post is gonna be quick and I will let the pictures do the talking.  This might be the theme going forward as the buying season kicks in for Tuesday’s Child.   Tomorrow in fact we head out to write Diesel but I have part two of tonights scheduled for tomorrow so expect something from me tomorrow night as well.   Incidentally, Omega-3’s BTW are a healthy fatty acid found in salmon the color of which was the idea behind the post, and while salmon colored ties don’t do much in the way of improving your health, they do happen to look nice.  (you can read more about the important health benefits of Omega-3 here.).

The Jacket is a Hickey Freeman His First, shown with a light blue shirtsalmon colored tie and orange square.

With the square detailing here:

I thought that the orange of the square while working well with the jacket in and of itself  was too closely matched to the square.  Instead I took this which worked with the jacket and had some orange highlights.  Tomorrow’s post will have the square detail and I should probably add it to the site one of these days so people can actually BUY them.  Duh… 😦

Come to think of it, I didn’t do too bad with regard to the text here. Imagine if I wouldnt have been tired…


Yet more dots

Same tie as last post.  Same Shirt as last post.  Two different applications. (and two different squares.)

First up, Navy Shadow pin stripe suit with light blue shirt and a vintage square.

Light Grey Suit with blue pin stripes  Matches well with the light blue shirt and light blue and ecru square.

Again the burgundy tie picks it all up.

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