Black and Purple – Together Forever!

Greetings all Amateur Economist Readers! Do stay a while and enjoy or just pop in when the need/desire arises, and feel free to comment or request at any time!

As promised last night, here is that purple tie against a black suit, white shirt.  For elegance sake I left the square as a white linen.

I think you will agree that it works best against this backdrop.

Here the lighter lilac dotted tie.

And here with a purple Attolini six fold.  Even tough this is a darker color purple and belongs bunched up with the first tie and not the lilac, I put this last as I will run with it tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Grey Pin Stripe Redux

FTWU, welcomes all NikeTalk readers, I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to stop by any time and feel free to request! (and thanks NiiDawg3 for the link. Much appreciated.)

Back to the matter of a matching purple tie to the charcoal grey that was requested a few days back.  I worked up a few purple or purple themed ties that went well with a charcoal grey pin stripe suit.  This first one was interesting because it used a dark navy satin based tie with mixes of lilac fuchsia (hot pink) and beige in it.  The shirt is a Hickey Freeman His First shirt (purple and light blue stripes) borrowed from the kids store and the square is white with a lilac trim to keep it simple.

Second up, the satin based tie with the black warp.

After seeing the photograph here I am thoroughly convinced that this tie is best at work against a white or white based shirt (like this)  for optimal contrast which is contrasted against a BLACK  or solid charcoal grey (really dark) suit.  Similar to this look (the flash photography makes the shirt look close to white.  In reality it’s grey.

Black Suit

Finally, here with a lavender colored dot tie.  Of the three I personally think that the last one is the best. (and to avoid the square trim matching the tie I swapped for a solid white.

Tomorrow a few more lighter color ties with this set and the black and white for the first tie.

Tie By Tie 21 (Interviews)

With the navy suit, white shirt out I though it timely to talk a little about interview wear.

In an interview, I think that you are best off blending in and erring on the side of mediocrity (with regard to your garb that is) rather than standing out and making a statement.  Here is the time for your interviewer to be focused on what you have said and can do rather than what your clothing say.

That being the case, keep it nice and boring (please do not confuse ugly with boring).  Unless you know they all wear pocket squares then skip the square.  Even if they do wear squares then stay with white or light blue.  Thats why I shot the pics with a white linen square.  Additionally, a white shirt is an easy and safe way to go but you might be able to pull off a light (LIGHT, NOT DARK!!!!) blue shirt.

Here are three options in patterns that I believe are not too busy for an interview.

Square framed circles tie:

Interlocking circles pattern tie:

Soft Pin Dot Twill Tie:

Tomorrow I will show some stripes and another pattern veering slightly (thats the buzz word) away from blue.

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Tie By Tie 11b and 12 (Greetings)

Happy 2010 to all!

I too took a little break yesterday from posting something.  I think that instead of doing a “mandatory” Sunday Q and A post I will only do a Q & A after 7 decent questions that havent been covered come up.  So pretty much it can come at any time during the week (or I might just save them for the weekends anyway).  I hope thats fair enough 🙂

Before I continue with the TBT project I wanted to extend a very special greeting to all Easy and Elegant Life readers who have stopped by to see what Chris was talking about.  Thank you Chris!  Enjoy the tie/square and wear it in good health.

For those that couldn’t see Chris’s tie (he is fiddling with a new camera you know 😉 ) this is it:

Chris had it with a Navy sportcoat so it looked perhaps more like this (although hsi sportcoat appears to be lighter):

Getting back to the tie by tie action, Although I put the beige/brown version of the past two posts together with a blue shirt and brown jacket and etc… which looked like this (just cleaned up the photo with the filter feature in Photoshop, great tool!):

I think that ties like this also work well with a Black suit, and white shirt where the beige tones in the tie being a step below gold complement the black nicely and create an elegant look:

Shown here with the white twill shirt, white linen pocket square and black suit are three similarly hued ties: (High Res shots to follow soon)

As Chris Cox would say…Swelligent!

Beige and Light Brown Floral design:

Beige and tan with narrow copper stripe Tie:

And with a Bronze unlined Seven fold:  (I must have removed this fellow from the site thinking I had none left as I see its no longer on the site).

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I see the light

Light colored ties can be worn regularly and need not be reserved for affairs and elegant occasions so long as care is taken to highlight the tie by way of contrast with the shirt so that the tie stands out somewhat.

Here are some examples of the same two light colored ties and the differences the shirt can make in the overall appearance of the ensemble.

This English twill four fold tie goes from the somewhat drab against this white shirt:  (In all cases I utilized a white linen square so that it doesnt pull the eye away from the tie which is what I wanted to show)

To looking like this when placed against a blue shirt:

This white woven pin dotted tie looks like this against the white shirt:

But comes more alive when placed against the blue.

You don’t have to spend a million

You dont have to spend a million to look like a million.  Growing up that was a commercial from some thrift shop in the city. (yeah, they actually advertised on television, go figure).  Having been away for a the week for some Holidays I returned to a request of another wedding guest.  More toned down than up, a navy suit with white shirt and could I recommend a tie to go with it.

After a back and forth exchange, the impression I got was that  was that optimally this tie which is actually blue and not grey in real life would have been perfect.  But I also got the impression and quite concur that do you really have to spend 175 for a Marinella if you are just the guest and might not wear this tie again unless it was another similar occasion?

Here are some ideas in the light blue theme which are bright enough and wont have you taking our a second mortgage to pay for them.  A square was optional so I used the tried and true classic white linen, always acceptable and elegant.

In keeping with the theme of the post I went from most expensive to least, and incidentally I think the last is the best option.

This cotton silk blend has a wonderful sheen to it with its asymetrical fold is a heavy tie.   The twill weave of the tie gives a lovely texture as well.

This 4 fold is quite heavy as well and the netted weave makes this a delicate tie.  the satin stripe dresses it up a bit.

Textured as well but not as heavy, the dark navy squares bring it all together.  perhaps not dressy enough for our needs though.

Here, the white in the tie dresses this one up and gives a festive and cheerful appearance while the pin dots keep it from being too bright.

I have always like the marbleized  nature of this weave.  Its busy without actually having a design!

Finally, the piece de resistance! Elegant, classy busy enough and only 36 bucks.  Cant argue with that!

Where’s the Bride?

Black Suit, White shirt, white linen square, and off white ties in two variations.

Simple, classy and very elegant.  Just add a bride and you are good to go.  Medium Paisley on a satin Field.

And the smaller paisley. More texture, less field. IMO, the satin field dresses up the tie.

Within Striking Distance

A customer requested some suggestions for a Black suit, White shirt, that would make the outfit “striking”.

Here are my suggestions. (Customer rarely wears a square so I felt it safe to go with a white linen square which is always nice and safe).

First up is the Taffetta Rust with raw silk stripes.  I love this tie and  I dont think that its fully understood.  Its Sharp, Its different and its got POP!

Another great combo.  A rich plum, almost fuscia and dark pinkish stripe.  The fabric is also unique giving it almost a wrinkled look, but oh so nice.

Nothing like oldies but goodies.  Rusty red with a gold braided stripe here.  Great irridescent depth to the tie due to the different colored warp and weft.  A classic pattern for FIH.

Hey, we have seen this feller before.  But he is certainly still makes the grade.  A crisp satin base rust and beige make it a great popping tie against the black and white.

Should be peachy but pictured like an orange.

This is a true orange.  Not on the site it seems.  But close to it is this.

Last but not least is this paisley stripe,  an amazing tie up close  when you get to see all that is happening in there.

Wedding Guest

Over in the Style Forum I frequent the following question came up regarding a match for a navy suit and a purple awning stripe shirt.

This was the picture that the OP (original poster) had and he was questioning if it went OK:


I suppose that the colors are all OK, but I think he was concerned that there was too much mono-tonal color in there (The satin of the square along with the satin of the tie while being different colors was perhaps too  close to matching all around)

I suggested the following two options (the shirt was the closest that I could find to the one the OP had, looks grey here but was purple stripe).

The floral tie (great seller in all the variations) with the FIH hand stitched edge square:  The satin field on the tie makes it dressy enough with the square being classy without going over the top.

Or this small rose version with the white linen square (which is always safe and elegant although for the wedding I would opt for the crepe silk one):

Popular opinion was the first variation was a winner.  Even the OP inquired about it!

PS: on the FIH Site the first floral tie has the following combo.  The square adds a little more in terms of pattern and tonality.

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