Precious Metals for Precious Occasions

What’s with the cobwebs here? (Ahem…)

Anyway, I received an email from a customer requestding a dressy tie for a dressy formal occassion. I am sure I have posted about this before but we did a quick shoot of the metalic colored ties which I felt were the right match of statement yet classic on a black suit white shirt. Althogh Unrequested I stuck in a floral black and white square. They all work but I think that the last one is the most elegant of the group

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Orange Saree’d Bridesmaids

I have been away doing this, which was written up here, but a few days back I received the following comment in the about me page:

First off, I just want to say I stumbled by your site by accident–well, kind of; I was trying to figure out which tie to get for my outfit–and I’m so glad I did. Your site absolutely rocks. Men need your help! Without you, we’d just pair blue with blue, red with red, etc. That is no way to live! :) Also, I was hoping you could steer me in the right direction regarding what I should wear to my wedding, which is two weeks from now. I have a very nice, black, three-button suit, as well as a ecru-colored shirt with a basic straight collar. The bridesmaids are wearing deep orange/rust-colored sarees similar to this one:

My groomsmen are in black, two-button suits with white shirts. I need to find ties and pocket squares for me and them. I’d like them to have ties and squares that match the bridesmaids in some way. As for me, I just want to (a) look good, (b) stand out from the groomsmen, and (c) not stick out in a bad way. :) Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I’d even take photos and upload them for you, giving you full credit for “dressing” me. Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you! Keep up the great work.

Best, Adrian

Here are my thoughts (and I am slightly rushed here due to the Holidays).  After the holidays, i.e. Sunday, I hope to be back full swing!  See you then 🙂 For the Groomsmen with the white shirts I thought to go this way.  They can afford the colored squares, and the square gets toned down with the tie which is black and Orange in the warp and weft and gives the impression of a speckled orange.  The closeup tells a better story. (forget about suit style , 2 or three button.  Here we are concerned with color)

Shown here in the pocket and in play:

If you are looking for some more color then you can go this way:

For the groom, I chose a more simple yet very rich Orange twill weave shown here and with the off white linen square to match the ecru shirt chosen:

Of course I would be remiss if I were to not bring in one of my all time favorite ties, the raw silk stripe against the bronzy rust silk, shown here with the always elegant white linen square.

The Event

Craaaaazy busy here, gearing up for major changes on our kids web site.

But I break for a customer with some options for an event to match the color of the following dress.

The Dress (At least the color):

And here are some options. The True color of the shirt is only visible at the last picture of the post, the rejection.

The square will not be the white linen and instead this one was chosen:

Oh…Incidentally…Mrs. Event Like the following combination but it was rejected by Mr. Event:

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Things to come

Hello ye faithful…I have been busy. Very busy.  But regardless, I missed you.

Late today I got a chance to snap a few easy shots of some of this Falls collection. I call them easy shots because in all cases the background didnt budge. White Shirt, Black Suit and White Linen Square with light Blue trimming. You could have done the same in all three ties with a navy suit and achieved the same results. Clean and classic looks.

This season there were two groups that I did. Your typical wovens which included jacquards and satin weaves and for something new I did a run of silks from the world renowned Mantero Seta the first of which you see here. Vivid and wonderful prints.

Looking forward to getting back in (and I am probably hiring a new person in the store so that will allow me a little more time to work on other things).

PS:  Some New Hickey Freeman items in for Men this season.  Lets see how that works.  🙂

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Blue or Black, whats your poison?

Blue or Black with that green tie from yesterday? Which do you prefer? They both work 🙂

And if you cant tell which is blue and which is black…The Red Square is a navy suit, The green is black.

Finally, the darker green with the black for a more elegant look.


Hey. If we are gonna do this then there has to be an element of trust, and when I tell you that silver works well with black and navy believe me.

But I know that you didn’t trust me so I took pics anyway. 🙂

Here you have the silver tie with a Pin Stripe suit in Navy, and a Hickey Freeman His First Shirt in Blue and Grey Check.  The Square I used was a light blue linen as I felt that that ensemble was otherwise busy enough.

The Black Suit below and the silver Satin Tie against the soft blue makes this ensemble an elegant one which is why I used the white linen square.

And of course the elegance level is raised a notch or two when you introduce the white shirt.

I will be off for two days for religious observance.  Cheers!

Black and Purple – Together Forever!

Greetings all Amateur Economist Readers! Do stay a while and enjoy or just pop in when the need/desire arises, and feel free to comment or request at any time!

As promised last night, here is that purple tie against a black suit, white shirt.  For elegance sake I left the square as a white linen.

I think you will agree that it works best against this backdrop.

Here the lighter lilac dotted tie.

And here with a purple Attolini six fold.  Even tough this is a darker color purple and belongs bunched up with the first tie and not the lilac, I put this last as I will run with it tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Tie By Tie 29b (Almost the Same yet Different)

Yet another full buying day in the city, this time for Dolce and Gabbana and Moncler. Yeah, they make them for kids. :-).

Carrying yesterday’s ensemble forward but with a lilac colored shirt will give you a totally different  look. The lilac accentuates the plum colors in the tie.

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Tie By Tie 29 (On The Fly)

The Buying season is winding down here with only a few more days in the city for the kids shop.  Meanwhile we have a whole new series of ties coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) but I wont get a chance to get to them till later in the week.

Posting now, on the fly from a Showroom in the city while the boss/Mom catches up on some paperwork for the orders:

Love this tie and have used it extensively in this blog.  Put both squares here to see which Iliked better and then ultimately went with the violet.  Shown today with the Ecru Shirt and Black Suit.

With the square in place.

And a little brighter which shows you the parts a little more clear.

PS:  Super sale time with an additional 10% On top of the already heavily discounted Colombo Cashmere Items on the site.  Now might be a great time to pick up a Cashmere coat for just over 600 Dollar.  Free Ground Shipping Too!

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Tie By Tie 28 (Black and Lilac, FTW!)

Two days back I wrote about the soft and nice tie that worked well with a number of shirts due to its having a number of colors in it.

Today’s post will show that sometimes soft is nice but not “as” nice. Here I show the same tie, with the grey check shirt and a black suit for better contrast.

For something different I swapped the purple check square for a green with purple paisley. (email for purchase Info)

Which looks like this:

And as we were talking Lilac with Black and Grey here is one more option, the Lilac Paisley Tie.

And in case you were wondering, FTW is the current web slang for For the Win! 🙂

Have a great weekend all.

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