Black and Purple – Together Forever!

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As promised last night, here is that purple tie against a black suit, white shirt.  For elegance sake I left the square as a white linen.

I think you will agree that it works best against this backdrop.

Here the lighter lilac dotted tie.

And here with a purple Attolini six fold.  Even tough this is a darker color purple and belongs bunched up with the first tie and not the lilac, I put this last as I will run with it tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Grey Pin Stripe Redux

FTWU, welcomes all NikeTalk readers, I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to stop by any time and feel free to request! (and thanks NiiDawg3 for the link. Much appreciated.)

Back to the matter of a matching purple tie to the charcoal grey that was requested a few days back.  I worked up a few purple or purple themed ties that went well with a charcoal grey pin stripe suit.  This first one was interesting because it used a dark navy satin based tie with mixes of lilac fuchsia (hot pink) and beige in it.  The shirt is a Hickey Freeman His First shirt (purple and light blue stripes) borrowed from the kids store and the square is white with a lilac trim to keep it simple.

Second up, the satin based tie with the black warp.

After seeing the photograph here I am thoroughly convinced that this tie is best at work against a white or white based shirt (like this)  for optimal contrast which is contrasted against a BLACK  or solid charcoal grey (really dark) suit.  Similar to this look (the flash photography makes the shirt look close to white.  In reality it’s grey.

Black Suit

Finally, here with a lavender colored dot tie.  Of the three I personally think that the last one is the best. (and to avoid the square trim matching the tie I swapped for a solid white.

Tomorrow a few more lighter color ties with this set and the black and white for the first tie.

Faster than a speeding Train!

In response to a request, posted in this thread, I suggested the following few options. As he posted I was already gathering options.  Indeed faster than a speeding train 🙂

Here is a tie that is a little misleading.  When looked at it with the PC you dont get the true colors in it.  Due to its Plum warp (catena) you get a shimmering purple color in there.  Well matched with this suit and shirt combo. I used this square as its a flash of color that works.

This tie is too dark I fear for this suit and darkish shirt.  Not my favorite.

Just like Goldilocks, I think that this color in this tie is just right.  It livens up the darker shirt by giving contrast.  reverse contrast perhaps but contrast nonetheless.

And this tie gives a pop with the pink and lavender stripes against the black.

Finally, when linking posts, I was reminded of the ties in this post will work well as well.

The Black Catena

I know it sounds like a cheap b thriller, but bear with me 🙂

As mentioned in the previous post the catena will usually determine to the hue of your tie.  That being the case it should govern what it can comfortably pair with.

In the case of this purple tie the black catena gave the purple a blackish slant, making it ideal IMO for a black or charcoal suit, and not the best for a brown one.

Here are all three suits, First the Black, then the charcoal finally the brown again:  For a close up high res of the black suit with the tie click here.  Some may not like the fact that the square I used has similar shapes to the tie but as they are not the same size it didnt bother me.

Black Suit

Swapped out the square for the naysayers for this one.

Charcoal Suit

The Brown Suit

Finally, once we had the charcoal suit out I brought back the tie we had out from yesterday, illustrating a nice combo, Charcoal Grey and the lilac/purple family.

As always, what you have read here is just one man’s opinion 🙂 , and I would love to hear yours!

Brown and Purple


Brown and purple often works but it depends on the color of the purple.   Here are some ties that go well with the brown.  Unfortunately, the tungsten lighting that I shot these under distorted the color of the shirt and I was gone for the day when I discovered that.  I might just retake the shots tomorrow but the colors of the ties were accurate enough to continue with the post so here goes. (As above, shots were retaken with better results.  I have left the originals though for the square).

In the first three pics, the different shades of purple work well.  The first is a light purple color dot tie.  Against what was supposed to be pictured as a lilac shirt with the brown suit, the tie works well.  I left the  parasol square with its browns, burgundies, and slight shades of blue as with the tie that was interesting enough and gave enough color subtlety was important in the square.

This tie is a patterned weave with charcoal/brown background and purple pattern overlay.  Its got strong enough purple overlay to give the appearance of purple which is great for the brown suit.

Again the multi color tie with a dominant purple stripe.  All the colors work (and work well I might add) with brown here.

The dark purple satin field tie is where the purple does NOT work I think.  Its just too dominant in its purpleness!.  Tomorrow I will show where it does work though.

Here are the retaken shots.  They reflect better the accurate  correct color of the ties and the shirt.  I swapped out a violet and beige square on a whim:

And this which I did not think went that well.  (See my comments below in response to Bob.)

Purple Stands Out Too

Purple and lavender are pretty much in the same family.  Not quite twins  (Unless you are thinking Ahhnold and DeVito) but definately distant brothers if not cousins.

The same can be said with black and charcoal or better yet gray.

I like gray with lavenders.  So following the progression along we can probably say the same with purples and blacks.  You just need to bring the brightness or contrast bar in any of the photo editing programs and you will get from Grey and Lavender to Black and Purple.  But that wasn’t the challenge that was thrown out.  There was a more difficult request which was the square as well.  Till now in the black theme we have been using a white square which makes the tie an easier feat.  However as the request was for a dark purple square the tie becomes somewhat harder.  Again, its not impossible.  Before we look at the pictures its important to mention that the darker the square is its going to be harder to notice it on a dark suit, which is as you realize (hopefully tomorrows focus) the whole point of the square.  On a lets say very dark purple square  unless you resort to the shinier fabrics to reflect the light the square will go almost unnoticed.

Take a look at the pictures here.  I will work them backwards from the darker to the lighter because I do feel that the ensemble looks a heck of a lot better when you allow for more contrast and as the suit is black invariably less dark in neck wear and accessories,  is more.

Enough from me.  Lets let the pictures do the talking: (this is the darkest purple tie that I had and the same with the square.  Of note to show that the black and purple idea is not off if you flip the square inside out you see that the field of the square on that silk is actually black)

This comes together looking like this.  Yeah its somewhat monochromatic but that was the goal / question wasn’t it?

If we seek to lighten the shade of the tie while keeping the square you will get a nice combination of lavender and purples.

Here I gave you a better view of the tie because I wanted to show that it works nicely with the black.  Its a pretty tie and the somewhat wrinkly nature of the fabric is intentional.  It adds character.

Finally a light ivory field with lavender vines floral.  A real beautiful tie and here you get the contrast that I am referring to.  I am gonna have to retake this shot so you can see how nicely it works.  Maybe better here would be a satin square in a violet.  We’ll see.

Cream Suits for Summer

Taking another request from the search box…

Not having a cream suit in my arsenal I had to take a large size from the boys collection that we carry from Pinco Pallino a high end childrenswear collection from Italy.

Cream and Blue as you can see work.  They work well and they leave room for some more color to be moxed in, which is what we did wth the new collection of squares.  This is a very pretty square and as I mentioned earlier or in this case later there is a story behind it.  To get some contrast against the shirt I used this tie from the new Spring collection.

The second shirt here is a gingham check shirt.  That gives you some depth to the blue without being solid (well…duh!) .  Paired that with a somewhat solid (at least in color) Navy tie yet left the square in.  I like the bold splash of color again.

Lilacs and lavendars will work well with the suit as evidenced here.  Of course as its a cream suit pretty much anything will work here.  Even as one posted questioned) Black.  I changed the square to reflect the lilac color and the ties match up here well although as I wonder perhaps a little too well to the shirt.  I always like to see some sort of contrast which in the first two are lacking.  This tie though was truly a winner all around in all the colors that I had it.

And a similarly colored lilac tie with a different twist.  More like a tapestry floral paisley pattern.

Finally in this version you get the contrast that I was referring to.  Nice satin field tie in a deep purple.  The square is the same although isee that the light hits it differently and the purple tones are move visible here.

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