Mix it up with Brown and Green

A quickie tonight. Busy days and nights preparing for the trip.

This takes the brown stripe shirt and adds a sage green tie for a lovely look IMO. Again, no square shown as its for the little ‘uns.


3 For the Little/Not So Little Guys

Greetings all!

After a very enjoyable and restful weekend I gear up for an Italian Trip this week for our kids shop Tuesday’s Child but not before Fall/Winter gets underway in the store.  In fact UPS quantum view tell me that 21 boxes of Diesel will be rolling in tomorrow which promises for a busy day.

Here are a few items that came in from our Hickey Freeman Fall Line. I left out the pocket squares simply because they are less used in kids wear.  In retakes that I will (or wont) take over the next few days I may show some options but due to the tight schedule I will probably have I doubt it.

Paired here with a Brown trouser.

Olive base, Black checks and fine Orange/Rust Checks make the rust tie appropriate as wall as the black pants shown below.  A dark black/green tie would also work here.(And that I might just force myself to fine the time and retake as it was what my minds eye first visualized.)

With the Black Pants:

Finally, a Medium Grey Suit with a feint blue pin stripe which I thought classy to pair with the shirt and tie below.

Have a great week all!

PS:  AE, I expect this post to rate a link :).

Just Foolin’

With our kids shop at 50% off and us short staffed filling orders, yours truly has been wearing the sales associate hat these days and I’ve been a bit behind on other things I would have been doing.  The end result is that I didnt put major thought into the ensembles today so feel free to vote negatively if you want to.  They arent bad by any means, and in fact better than just passable, but still. Of course they all keep to general coordinating rules but for whatever reason we will call them products of me just fooling around.  Feel free to agree, disagree or of course abstain (The ties are loosies by the way, Loosies with a lovely rich hand):

Green/with a slight tinge of brown His First Hickey Freeman Sportcoat, Light Blue shirt and brown with red vintage square.  Here the tie used was a yellow with blueish flowers to give some contrast against the shirt.

The square detail here:

Shown here with a cream shirt and different square option that had more coordination with the tie (square not on the site) :

And here is the square detail where you can see the colors working well with the tie:

Swapping ties for a blue twill (again, a lovely loosie twill print) I come up with this number.  It looked terrible against the blue shirt as sometimes blues can clash or simply look wrong so I swapped it for the cream one giving better contrast.  I also changed the square for one with traces of blue in it and green coming back to the jacket:

With the square detail here.  Note the blues in the square.

Flash Forward

Greetings all with wishes for a Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to all those that have or are still serving in the Military. G-d bless and protect!

Using the same sports jacket from last week (yeah, it was still on the floor and ready to go, oops.) I switched the ecru shirt for a light blue shirt and decided that while a navy tie would work well, I wanted to go with brown to lead back to the olives and navy in the jacket. For the square I went back to the ecru linen square for toning down purposes.

Here are the results:

(Brown Pin Dot Tie, Ecru Square, Blue Shirt):

Brown Satin Tie with yellow dots.  I like how the brown works with the greens and navy in the jacket and the dots  in the tie work back to the square.

And back to a little vibrancy with the blue shirt here is a vintage print that never made it onto the site but may already be spoken for, shown with the navy floral square:

Have a great and successful week!

In a Flash

On my way out of the store today it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken any pictures for tonights post. Having had a long day I wasn’t in that much of a mood to work that hard at it, so I pretty much pulled what was within arms length of me in the office where I photograph the items.

This is what I came up with. Not too shabby if I say so myself!

Whats interesting here is that in the past I had worked this jacket with a blue shirt and a navy and green tie. Here I used the brown pin stripe shirt to pick off the olive nature of the jacket (a hickey freeman his first sportscoat, and the solid green tie, along with the earthy toned version of the floral vintage square.

With the square detail shown here:

More and Less

Carrying forward yesterday’s results but in the reverse, here you have a brown tie against a yellow shirt that garners more attention than the orange against the blue pictured directly below due to the fact that the orange is a softer orange and the satin brown is strong. (yes, I know the jackets are different but the contrast is created mainly with the shirts with the sports coats complementing.)

Shown here with the multicolor square and the Petronius seven fold tie.

KIFS (Keep It Fresh, Stupid)

Greetings All and a very Happy Week to you.

In the Spring the idea is to keep it light and fresh.  To that end here you have a wool check sport coat from Hickey Freeman  His First paired with a yellow shirt (always a Spring Color) and a brocade woven silk green and blue tie (which works well with the sportscoat which has green and blues in it).  I thought the choice of square was appropriate here as the colors in the square bring it all together.  (Pair it here with navy slacks)

A Fresh Combination!

Here the square detail:

Have a successful week!


For the sake of clarity with regard to yesterday’s post please allow me elaborate. There is no question that Mr. Flusser is correct conceptually that when one pattern jockeys for position with another pattern the potential for compromise as opposed to victory exists.  What I mean by that is that instead of a shirt or a suit creating a background for the tie to be noticed the possibility of the two blending together is strong.  There are however a few ways for the patterns to get noticed.  One of course is to change the sizes of the patterns so that they are distinct in and of their own right and dont blend into each other.  This is what Flusser recommends and its correct.  So of course, this:

Looks better than this small patterned tie (which IMO looks OK, even if not as sharp as the larger patterned tie):

And this with its contrast against the cream shirt of course is easiest as it doesnt involve mixing of patterns.

Which is comprised of this:

My main complaint was the fact that while the concept may have been true, the picture that Mr. Flusser used to elucidate that point was exaggerated, almost as if to show that the eye cannot ever tolerate similarly sized patterns without glazing over.  Assuming that would be correct then the lesson is better taught with a clear picture rather than a blurry one.  Mr. Flusser uses a blurry picture to complete a thought while attempting to bolster his position I personally feel he weakens it.

But thats just my opinion and I haven’t yet sold any books 😉

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Weekend Edition (My Beef with Flusser)

Friday I posted a picture of an Attolini teal blue small patterned unlined tie paired with a small striped Hickey Freeman Shirt and a green jacket.  This was the picture:

Flusserian pundits will recall that on Page 70 of Dressing the man, (a very excellent book,) Alan Flusser maintains that small prints or patterns demand larger patterns to correctly complement them, otherwise the small against the small forces the eye to work overtime to distinguish between where the tie ends and the shirt or second patterned item begins.  He then accompanies that theory with the following picture to be found on page 71:

Indeed at first glance, this does seem to bolster the thought that smaller patterns might force the eye into a tizzy and almost create a blur between the two competing patterns trying to figure out where each ends and begins.

But if you take a closer look at the picture here and better yet in the book itself, (If you have the book flip it open to page 71, if you don’t have the book you can rely on my picture posted here) you might want to question the following:

There is no doubt in my mind that the top picture on page 71 was for whatever reason BLURRY to begin with, and the bottom ensemble is quite clear. So while the concept might sometimes be true the visual proof that is utilized to hammer home that point is somewhat suspect. Does it mean that Flusser as a whole is off the mark? Certainly not, and as I mentioned the book is great. However it does tell you (or at least me) that this Flusserian principal must be taken with a grain of salt. To that end I offer up my grain of salt in the form of my picture from Friday.

A very good weekend/workweek to all.

Tie By Tie 16 (Almost Weekend Edition)

This feller is gonna have to be edited later to provide links, and reasoning.   I meanwhile wanted to get the pics up and running. Feel Free to comment before I do! Have a great weekend all!


Here is the same jacket from yesterday in Olive/Green with a blue pin stripe shirt (also a Hickey Freeman His First) shown together with a Navy Polka Dot tie, and accompanied by a Navy and Red floral Square:  The idea here was that the navy would work with the green jacket especially when the jacket was broken up by the shirt.

Here is your closeup of the colors of the square.

To add a little diversity in the color  and to bring the shirt closer to the red in the square I swapped the blue stripped HF for a Red Striped with this look:

Back to the Blue striped shirt with an unlined Attolini print.  The tie is almost a teal like blue which works nicely into the jacket, as it blends the colors of the jacket and the shirt together.

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