Tie By Tie 16 (Almost Weekend Edition)

This feller is gonna have to be edited later to provide links, and reasoning.   I meanwhile wanted to get the pics up and running. Feel Free to comment before I do! Have a great weekend all!


Here is the same jacket from yesterday in Olive/Green with a blue pin stripe shirt (also a Hickey Freeman His First) shown together with a Navy Polka Dot tie, and accompanied by a Navy and Red floral Square:  The idea here was that the navy would work with the green jacket especially when the jacket was broken up by the shirt.

Here is your closeup of the colors of the square.

To add a little diversity in the color  and to bring the shirt closer to the red in the square I swapped the blue stripped HF for a Red Striped with this look:

Back to the Blue striped shirt with an unlined Attolini print.  The tie is almost a teal like blue which works nicely into the jacket, as it blends the colors of the jacket and the shirt together.


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  1. The color of the jacket is beautiful


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