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If you have been following me for a little you know that FTWU (From the waist up) is in reality the Blog of FIH (www.FourInHand.com) which is in reality a branch/division of/subsidiary of http://www.TuesdaysChild.com which is wholly owned by Tuesday’s Child Boutique, Inc. (which is pretty much the largest Luxury Brands shop for kids in the US if not the whole world.)

TC happens to sell Hickey Freeman His First and lots of it.  In fact many of the sportscoats pictured in this blog are Hickey Freeman Hist Firsts. This past season I took in some Hickey Freeman Suits for men as well.  Suits and some shirts etc.  (Unlike in my kids shop however these will be discounted.)  Lets see how that works.

Here is a solid Hickey Freeman suit with a Hickey Freeman pinstripe shirt and a navy dotted FIH Tie.  Nice in and of itself.  The square I chose was predominantly brown with traces of blue the color of the field of the tie.  I thought it worked well.

Again with the layering theme I added the beige Colombo Cashmere vest which worked in nicely with the blue suit and the tie.  It especially worked well to bring out the brown of the square.  If I thought that the square worked well before, here I was convinces.  (in truth I was angling for that so I wasnt surprised 😉 )

Here you have the look of the suit in its entirety.  Sharp!

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A Little Bipartisanship (Election Day 2010)

On this mid term election day of 2010 with the Dems retaining the senate and the GOP  taking the house I thought it worthwhile mentioning that bipartisanship goes a long way shown here in the Blue and Red colors worn well together:  Suit, and Shirt, Hickey Freeman.  Tie, FIH made of Monterra Italian Silks with squares made of vintage italian fabrics:

This following square is bothering me a little together with the shirt.  The colors may just fight with each other.

Shown in play here:

With a small floral neats pattern:  I prefer the red in this tie to the first.

And for those that can never think in bipartisan terms I offer this:



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Rock The Contrast

If you are gonna wear a light color jacket take advantage of it and rock the contrast with a really dark tie for this effect.

With the square detail shown here.

Of course you can still look nice with a tie toned similar to the jacket while working off the contrast of the shirt as so:

If you will note, in the next photo I repositioned the square so as to leave out most of the red and just show the yellow hand rolled edge against the blue.

Have a great weekend!  🙂

And yes, for the Title of the post, I was inspired by the 80’s The Clash hit, Rock The Casbah

I Was Right!

Again 🙂

Well, at least I think so.

Yesterday I suggested that this combo and blue and brown tie would look better with the blue version of the parasol square.

Here is the blue:

With the ensemble looking like this:

You might find the square looking a little dark but the nature of these squares is that since they have so many colors on them we can adjust them to how we want them to be seen, more blue, more beige, more brown, or some burgundy and light brown.

Now if only I be right with the stock market… 🙂

Have a great weekend!

PS:  As I mentioned these ties (the past few days as indicated) are offered here at 40 off to readers of FTWU before I email blast the sale out which will be on Sunday some time.  Thanks to those that have bought already.  Enjoy!

Con Te Partiro – Time To Say Good Bye!

No Sillies, not to me. I am having lots of fun here 🙂

But its time to say good bye to some of the older merchandise that I have in the store, like this series. (and the next few days of posts).

Before I put them on the clearance page I offer them to my readers at 40% off for hand made in Italy saddle stitch four and seven fold ties.

All shown here with a navy blue suit and light blue shirt with a blue and cream flowers square.


The blue and brown horizontal stripe

With the Square detail here:

Navy Tie:

Orange Tie:

And Burgundy:

And finally as I “borrowed” the name of the song for the title of the post, I would be remiss in not posting the you tube video of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman:

Enjoy (I always do)!

Flash Back

In yesterday’s post I referenced how I had worked the small check olive sportscoat from Hickey Freeman.

Here is pretty much what I had done, shown with the ecru twill shirt and Navy and Green Tie.  I kept the floral square in the first shot:

Liking the navy introduction I swapped the earthy tones of the square for a navy and green vintage square

Which comes together looking like this:

And here it all is when you swap the green tie for a predominantly navy polka dot tie.

Have a great weekend all!

Grey Pin Stripe Redux

FTWU, welcomes all NikeTalk readers, I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to stop by any time and feel free to request! (and thanks NiiDawg3 for the link. Much appreciated.)

Back to the matter of a matching purple tie to the charcoal grey that was requested a few days back.  I worked up a few purple or purple themed ties that went well with a charcoal grey pin stripe suit.  This first one was interesting because it used a dark navy satin based tie with mixes of lilac fuchsia (hot pink) and beige in it.  The shirt is a Hickey Freeman His First shirt (purple and light blue stripes) borrowed from the kids store and the square is white with a lilac trim to keep it simple.

Second up, the satin based tie with the black warp.

After seeing the photograph here I am thoroughly convinced that this tie is best at work against a white or white based shirt (like this)  for optimal contrast which is contrasted against a BLACK  or solid charcoal grey (really dark) suit.  Similar to this look (the flash photography makes the shirt look close to white.  In reality it’s grey.

Black Suit

Finally, here with a lavender colored dot tie.  Of the three I personally think that the last one is the best. (and to avoid the square trim matching the tie I swapped for a solid white.

Tomorrow a few more lighter color ties with this set and the black and white for the first tie.

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