Hickey Freeman – Four In Hand – Tuesday’s Child, Togetha!

If you have been following me for a little you know that FTWU (From the waist up) is in reality the Blog of FIH (www.FourInHand.com) which is in reality a branch/division of/subsidiary of http://www.TuesdaysChild.com which is wholly owned by Tuesday’s Child Boutique, Inc. (which is pretty much the largest Luxury Brands shop for kids in the US if not the whole world.)

TC happens to sell Hickey Freeman His First and lots of it.  In fact many of the sportscoats pictured in this blog are Hickey Freeman Hist Firsts. This past season I took in some Hickey Freeman Suits for men as well.  Suits and some shirts etc.  (Unlike in my kids shop however these will be discounted.)  Lets see how that works.

Here is a solid Hickey Freeman suit with a Hickey Freeman pinstripe shirt and a navy dotted FIH Tie.  Nice in and of itself.  The square I chose was predominantly brown with traces of blue the color of the field of the tie.  I thought it worked well.

Again with the layering theme I added the beige Colombo Cashmere vest which worked in nicely with the blue suit and the tie.  It especially worked well to bring out the brown of the square.  If I thought that the square worked well before, here I was convinces.  (in truth I was angling for that so I wasnt surprised 😉 )

Here you have the look of the suit in its entirety.  Sharp!

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