Tie By Tie 18 (Your Omega-3 Source)

Had a long day today so the text part of todays post is gonna be quick and I will let the pictures do the talking.  This might be the theme going forward as the buying season kicks in for Tuesday’s Child.   Tomorrow in fact we head out to write Diesel but I have part two of tonights scheduled for tomorrow so expect something from me tomorrow night as well.   Incidentally, Omega-3’s BTW are a healthy fatty acid found in salmon the color of which was the idea behind the post, and while salmon colored ties don’t do much in the way of improving your health, they do happen to look nice.  (you can read more about the important health benefits of Omega-3 here.).

The Jacket is a Hickey Freeman His First, shown with a light blue shirtsalmon colored tie and orange square.

With the square detailing here:

I thought that the orange of the square while working well with the jacket in and of itself  was too closely matched to the square.  Instead I took this which worked with the jacket and had some orange highlights.  Tomorrow’s post will have the square detail and I should probably add it to the site one of these days so people can actually BUY them.  Duh… 😦

Come to think of it, I didn’t do too bad with regard to the text here. Imagine if I wouldnt have been tired…


You don’t have to spend a million

You dont have to spend a million to look like a million.  Growing up that was a commercial from some thrift shop in the city. (yeah, they actually advertised on television, go figure).  Having been away for a the week for some Holidays I returned to a request of another wedding guest.  More toned down than up, a navy suit with white shirt and could I recommend a tie to go with it.

After a back and forth exchange, the impression I got was that  was that optimally this tie which is actually blue and not grey in real life would have been perfect.  But I also got the impression and quite concur that do you really have to spend 175 for a Marinella if you are just the guest and might not wear this tie again unless it was another similar occasion?

Here are some ideas in the light blue theme which are bright enough and wont have you taking our a second mortgage to pay for them.  A square was optional so I used the tried and true classic white linen, always acceptable and elegant.

In keeping with the theme of the post I went from most expensive to least, and incidentally I think the last is the best option.

This cotton silk blend has a wonderful sheen to it with its asymetrical fold is a heavy tie.   The twill weave of the tie gives a lovely texture as well.

This 4 fold is quite heavy as well and the netted weave makes this a delicate tie.  the satin stripe dresses it up a bit.

Textured as well but not as heavy, the dark navy squares bring it all together.  perhaps not dressy enough for our needs though.

Here, the white in the tie dresses this one up and gives a festive and cheerful appearance while the pin dots keep it from being too bright.

I have always like the marbleized  nature of this weave.  Its busy without actually having a design!

Finally, the piece de resistance! Elegant, classy busy enough and only 36 bucks.  Cant argue with that!

Blue and Silver

So…What is it with you people?  I welcome and encourage requests or questions yet I have to resort to checking the search words to see what you want.  Dont be so shy.  Email or comment about something you want to see.

So working off a search topic of silver and Blue tie I came up with the following ideas… (now I know that you might complain that the first one is perhaps blue and silver but that evokes the Zebra question, doesnt it? 😉 ) 

Here is an elegant tie primarily Blue with Silver Stripe.  Paired with a  square that I think is too matchy to the colors of the Suit/Tie/Shirt.  Yes, I know that the tie linked is not that similar to the tie on the site but thats just cause my photography skills have gotten much better).  This is the suit thats being shown.

Dropping in a little splash of color in the red square you get something like this:  The Square is not yet on the site but will be added soon.

I think that this square is the correct one of the three, offering color yet not too much.  Of course there are so many options in this shirt/suit/tie grouping.

This next tie seems to be a little blah to me in this setting.  In general I think that that tie is a little too sedate for my tastes but I will see a little later what I can do to spruce it up and make it look a little more alive.

This beauty is a great tie.  Pretty much a silvery blueish field with navy highlights on the paisley make this a classic yet bold design.

Bringing the same tie and square into the a pink background make it look like this.  Nice contrast!

Now back to the first tie to show how it comes together with the blue and silver stripe. (or was that silver and blue?)

Another Wedding Guest

Alright…back at the ranch  the question of wearing a pink shirt (light pink) with a tan jacket and Chocolate brown pants would work for a wedding.  Of course the beige with the Bbrown is a winner.  The issue was the pink shirt.  To me thepink shirt with the beige looks washed and  doesnt offer enough contrast.  Now although tht erequest was not with a patterned sportscoat all I have was this one and to be sure the concept of the post works even without the orangish windowpane.  Even the salmon colored tie works well enough with the contrasted shirt and the tone of the beige sportcoat.  Orange panes not necessary.

I liked the first option for the contrast of the salmon tie as well as the satin nature of the field which gave it some more of a special occasion to it.  Suitable for a wedding (of course not quite white tie affair but still.  This next option is a little less bold but works equaly well bringing the ensemble together.

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