White, The New Black

Black works with everything. Its true.

And much in the same way that Black works with everything, so does white and off white.  Here you have the off white blazer with a lilac shirt and a deep dark purple tie.  The square is a floral pastel print with pinks, greens and soft purples.

The pics were taken quickly and the color needs to be adjusted (the dark purple of the tie doesnt show well enough, at least on my screen) but I think you get enough of a visual to get the basic idea. Maybe I will snap better shots tomorrow. Probably Not 🙂

Have a great day. 🙂

Here is an alternate option for a square  Lots of colors in this new paisley square and while they dont match per se, they do coordinate.  (Personally I prefer the first):


Tie By Tie 7 (Pink and Burgundy)

When it comes to classic men’s clothing and other matters sartorial,  Will Boehlke the author of A Suitable Wardrobe is a veritable wellspring of knowledge.  About a month ago on StyleForum.net Will commented that pink and maroon naturally compliment each other.  I don’t always agree with Will when it comes to color coordination but with pink and maroon, I think he’s got it right.

Here are some pictures that bear that thought out.  (If you look at the high res shot you will see that the tie itself is a deep burgundy/maroon with  stripes of pink (as well as gold) in it and is quite nice even before you put it with a shirt, suit and square.)

In the first shot we show the charcoal grey suit with pink shirt with floral square again and here enhanced with the burgundy tie.  If you look at the tie you will see that its one with a different colored warp (or weft, I don’t remember which is which) and that accounts for the shimmering iridescence and the multi dimensional appearance of the tie.

Swapping the shirt for a light blue textured weave will give you a softer yet no less nice effect.

And here you have the detail of the square.

Tie By Tie 6 (Out of Sequence)

I often snap a bunch of photos of items I intend to write about and don’t get to them till I am home for the evening when I can crop, upload and compose the post.  Its convenient because this way I don’t have to worry about being in the store while writing and can take my time on the post and publish at leisure.  The downside of course is that when I mess up on the pictures (i.e. the exposure isn’t correct and the colors are off) I am stuck.

That is pretty much what happened today, with what was supposed to be a continuation of yesterdays jacket shirt and square.  Unfortunately, what should have been Tie By Tie 5b will have to wait till tomorrow or the day after.

Instead, I present Tie By Tie 6, with the anthracite 4 fold pin dot tie, against a pink shirt with a charcoal suit with a feint blue stripe.  Grey (even charcoal) works with the pink shirt, and the square which is a green background with small flowers in pink and lilac offer a soft break from the harshness of the otherwise unbroken charcoal jacket.

Here is a detail of the square.  Have I mentioned my love for pastels?

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