Tie By Tie # 4 (the unspoken request)

In finishing up the chevrons we were left with the off white tie which I picked as an occasion/special event tie.  I did mention in a previous post, (I see the light) that light colored ties can be incorporated into regular dress settings when the tie is properly contrasted against a darker colored shirt. (Incidentally, I named this post the unspoken request because a customer mentioned that they enjoyed the I see the light post and the contrasting of light colored ties against darker shirts.

Here is the off white chevron using two shirts, one lighter and one slightly darker.

Also in reviewing yesterday’s pictures I was wondering if the square was too busy in an already busy jacket so I in the second pic I swapped the square out for an off white linen square.

Finally, for the person that rated the last post a “poor”.  You have to comment and elaborate as to why you thought it poor so we can have a discussion as to why I did what I did and why you hated it 🙂

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  1. I would love to see the above jacket/tie combo with a solid french blue shirt, and this pocket square: FH60H-GFVG-10, or a maybe a light blue linen square.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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