Yet More Goodbyes

This series of seven and four fold mixes together some great color combos that we have discussed and pictured at length in the past.  Green with Blue as well as the blues with browns.  Pretty ties, but like the others, its time for them to go.

Yesterday I pretty much kept it to one pocket square.  This time I mixed and matched to get a little more variety and to match up what i thought was a better and more correct  option.

I started with the celadon  green and sky blue four or seven fold tie again, against the light blue shirt with the navy blue suit and matched up the geometric vintage square for this look.

I thought though that with the green and blue in the tie we could do better with a green square and decided on this large paisley floral piece:

Which looks like this in play:

Below is the navy version of the same tie.  Again, the predominantly blue color invites the earth tones of the brown right in.  While I probably would have been better off with the blue version of this parasol square I went with the brown for this look:

Which looks like this:

For another option at the square I took this brown small paisley pattern for this look:

In play here:

Tomorrow maybe I will do some options on the navy version.  Meanwhile, have a great day!


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