Tie By Tie 10 (Been there done that)

I have done something similar to this in my post a browner brown but then it was with a blue shirt.  Here we went with a light purple (Hickey Freeman His First) shirt, the eggplant colored tie and the blue (to mix things up a bit ) parasol pocket square.  The high res picture can be seen here and its worth a look as it better depicts the texture and color of the tie and how it blends with the outfit.

Here is a detail of the square.  The flash hit the silk in a way to show the woven in swirl pattern which is usually not visible without studying the square.

Finally, this tie is one that I skipped over when we ordered for the men and we only did it for the kids.  Despite it selling very well for the kids I have no regrets not ordering it for the men as I felt it was too busy.  I did mention this before in a Q&A post when the question of Burgundy with Olive came up.  Here though I would recommend switching the square for a plain one as this tie is all you need in the busy department 🙂

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  1. It works very nicely. The pocket square is beautiful!

  2. Great match.
    How about with midgray jacket?.The shirtare are of ligther gray.

    • Thanks guys.

      Ismail: A grey jacket would work here as well. The shirt is a light purple actually and the burgundy/eggplant tie should go with the grey jacket.

      The idea here is that purple in the shirt and tie works nicely with brown (see the high res shot) and it’s a combo not often used. Of course Grey works with brown too and perhaps tomorrow I will swap the shirts for a grey and reshoot.

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