Tie By Tie # 3 (Variations by Request)

Yesterday I got a request to mix these ties up a little with patterned sportcoats, and today I deliver:

Here is yesterday’s tie paired with 2 Hickey Freeman His First sports coats.  I used the His First line as that is what I had ready and available from my kids shop.  In fact I liked the black check one so much I ordered it for myself.  The texture in the wool jackets works well with the texture of the tie and this time fearing texture overload I left the shirt a non textured blue tone on tone.  For the square I used the parasol but this time in the Navy version to bring out the Navy in the black jacket and to complement the brown jacket as well.

For your viewing pleasure:

And the square up close.  Note how the Square works against the shirt and picks up the blue in the jacket:

Switching coats to the Brown Hickey Freeman His First gives you this. (Brown and Blue is great together so the shirt is really nice here:

With the square tucked away:


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  1. Thanks.Are this ties in fourlards or you have other in variations of garbadine,Cashmire mixed,and so forth.How do I place an order if I find something favourable.
    In the next essemble a ligther color jacket would be nice to look at.
    Most appreciated on your prompt respond.


    • On the site http://www.fourinhand.com you can find almost everything I post here. Sometimes I use a jacket from my kids shop but the ties, shirts and squares are all from FIH and they are usually accompanied by a link in the post. I have all different types of ties.

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