More Blank and Purple

Yes…It is supposed to say Blank and Purple, not Black and Purple. Thats because Yesterday I ended with this Attolini Tie and promised to start with it today and the suit choice was open for consideration. (we settled on charcoal because Blues and Browns didnt work here)  (pardon any typos I am rushing!)

As you can see its paired with the white shirt and black suit, and a white square. However we don’t have to stay with that.

So I tried a bunch of different shirts that on principle might have worked but they didnt pass the eyeball test. First of all I swapped the black suit for a more versatile Charcoal. Then I was left to find acceptable shirts.

The pink fell short because it looked fruity even with the traces of pink in the tie. I wont even post the blue

I then tried this Hickey Freeman Hist First lilac striped which was perfect for both the suit (this suit has a lilac stripe in it.  Also a Hickey Freeman) and the tie.   I tried the pink trimmed pocket square because I wanted that pink in there.  It wasnt the best option.  Better still was the light blue pictured just below.

Swapping suits for a plain Charcoal Pin stripe but keeping the shirt and tie I added the blue trimmed square for a nice look.  The blue in the square pulls the  shirt which also has a blue stripe together and the traces of blue in the tie.  I like the look.

Have a great weekend!


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