Precious Metals for Precious Occasions

What’s with the cobwebs here? (Ahem…)

Anyway, I received an email from a customer requestding a dressy tie for a dressy formal occassion. I am sure I have posted about this before but we did a quick shoot of the metalic colored ties which I felt were the right match of statement yet classic on a black suit white shirt. Althogh Unrequested I stuck in a floral black and white square. They all work but I think that the last one is the most elegant of the group

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Bronze Wedding; Take 2

Using the pictures that were posted in the comments last night (shown below) I suggested the following:

For the sari that will be worn at the day wedding (note the greens and plums with bronze and gold trimmings):

I suggested the bronze tie and green paisley square shown below.  If you examine the colors in the sari and the tie I think that no explanation is necessary as to why it works well.

Here is the reception dress fabric. I felt as mentioned in the comments that the pinkish coloration in the polka dots called for this tie in gold satin with pink and a soft color pink or white with pink linen square.

Or with the pink trimmed white square.

Damn, I am good! 🙂

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