More Scarves

Had a long day today, what about you?  The highlight and highpoint was winning the argument with my POS software people who after my paying for software upgrades for years and not using them I was told today that since I bought a new computer and it wasn’t an old machine that I was updating it would fall into the category of additional machines and not updating machines.

My response was (after the initial scratching of the head)  that I couldn’t update the machine without buying a new and more current PC because the new software wouldn’t run on the old machines, therefore, in order to Update I had to add the machine.  They finally saw it my way.

Anyway, I tell you this to explain why I am merely posting some more scarves here and thats because I didnt have much time to set up and photograph something new, so I pulled from something that I photographed for the site.

The first scarf is the natural combination against the caramel colored Cashmere coat from Colombo cashmere.   Its got enough contrast but it contains the elements that combine with the coat.  Browns, coffee, charcoal greyish tones.  Blackish tones.  Its a no brainer.

This second scarf works with the camel and brown and  in the undertones of the scarf.  The Royal Blue of the scarf gives an interesting spin on the look.

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