S10 Tie By Tie (Yet More Escapees)

Yesterday was nauseating for me. I spent the day in the city for the first buying appointment for the Spring 2011 season. Heck, its just May of 2010. Leave me alone! Anyway, thats why you didnt hear from me yesterday.

Today though I was cleaning looking for a tie for a customer in the boxes or Spring 10 when I chanced upon a tie from the Spring season that I seem to have missed. Fascinating!

This Rose pink Tie is what I believe the last of the Spring 10 Collection.  I have it paired here with a blue suit and shirt, and rose pink linen square.  Blue and pinks go well together even when the pink is this shade which is sometimes called rose, or shell pink.  Its not a pure pink but rather an orangey/peach pink.

If you are looking for a little more variety in the square then move away from the linen and into a silk like this one, which has feint brown/burgundy notations.

While I maintain that pinks go well with blues, care must be taken to not mix colors of pink with each other.  This concept is generally true of many colors.  Here to my eye, the pinks clash and care should be taken to avoid placing them together.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the tie with a brown suit which works equally well.


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