Tie By Tie 6 (Out of Sequence)

I often snap a bunch of photos of items I intend to write about and don’t get to them till I am home for the evening when I can crop, upload and compose the post.  Its convenient because this way I don’t have to worry about being in the store while writing and can take my time on the post and publish at leisure.  The downside of course is that when I mess up on the pictures (i.e. the exposure isn’t correct and the colors are off) I am stuck.

That is pretty much what happened today, with what was supposed to be a continuation of yesterdays jacket shirt and square.  Unfortunately, what should have been Tie By Tie 5b will have to wait till tomorrow or the day after.

Instead, I present Tie By Tie 6, with the anthracite 4 fold pin dot tie, against a pink shirt with a charcoal suit with a feint blue stripe.  Grey (even charcoal) works with the pink shirt, and the square which is a green background with small flowers in pink and lilac offer a soft break from the harshness of the otherwise unbroken charcoal jacket.

Here is a detail of the square.  Have I mentioned my love for pastels?


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