Tie By Tie 9 (Showing Off)

When you turn down a long term lease on your property from a major land developer, that usually means that you believe in what you are doing and its potential.  Thats pretty much what just happened here, so you guys are gonna have to help me here and make sure that you keep on buying and keep me in business so that when you look back in 5 years from now, you say, I remember when Jonathan turned down the long term lease from that major land developer, cause he KNEW that he was gonna be big one day…


Anyway, here is a favorite tie of mine that went relatively unotticed.  The silver and Pink Twill weave woven. Shown here with a blue textured shirt (used for color as I think that we might be better served using a flat woven shirt due to the very textured nature of the tie) , charcoal Grey Suit that was out already, and a floral burgundy square to add some life in the charcoaly mix.

Here is a detail of the square with a high Res to be found here.  I took the high res because it allows for the colors of the square to be seen in all their glory, a truly beautiful square.

Here with a grey shirt.

Here I am just showing off that this tie square and suit works well with pink in addition to the two shirts shown above.


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