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Again, the heads up that we have moved to Blogger again at this Address (and posted another post tonight) Would love to see you follow me there but if not, I understand (But I will miss you ūüė¶ )

Best to all in 2012!

PS: If you want to comment please comment over in the new blog. Thanks!

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Moving…Yet Again

Moving again back to blogger in an effort to consolidate my kids blogs under one roof.

Come and Get it!

If you follow me I promise to try and behave and post more frequently.


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Precious Metals for Precious Occasions

What’s with the cobwebs here? (Ahem…)

Anyway, I received an email from a customer requestding a dressy tie for a dressy formal occassion. I am sure I have posted about this before but we did a quick shoot of the metalic colored ties which I felt were the right match of statement yet classic on a black suit white shirt. Althogh Unrequested I stuck in a floral black and white square. They all work but I think that the last one is the most elegant of the group

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Dont let them tell you otherwise…

Sizing Matters.

It the single most important factor in men’s and children’s tailored clothing as well and its so often done incorrectly. ¬†It will take an otherwise perfectly planned ensemble and destroy it.

Granted, for men’s people are less reluctant to sacrifice correct size considering that the useful shelf life on a man’s suit can be as long as the suit lasts however with kids clothing, people like to try to squeeze a few seasons out of the item and the results are borderline if not completely ridiculous.

Here is an example that I pulled off a “competitors” website.

Note the shoulders coming off the kids frame and the lapels that go down to the kids belly button. Furthermore the torso of the jacket extends halfway between the thigh and the knee.  It doesnt look good opened and pulled back, and when buttons or hanging closed it will look dreadful.

Don’t wast your money on an item thats two sizes too big because you will lose the entire effect that you are going for. ¬†Unless of course you are going for that unemployed unkempt “I can get away with wearing my Dad’s Jacket” look, but after having spent between 250 to 400 for the jacket alone, we highly doubt you are.

We’re Half Way There (or, Kudos to Rich)

Rich is the senior sales person in the kids shop. This ensemble put together by him (minus pocket square) shows that he has it in him when he chooses to work on it.  The coral tie works with the navy seersucker blazer and the yellow shirt.  The seersucker (this particular one at least) is a navy seersucker blazer as opposed to the sometimes light blue.  That being the case, we are now half way towards a navy jacket/suit with a coral tie.

FTWU approves.

Let’s Get Wild

Get a little frisky by using the same suit as yesterday throw in the hot color of the season…Coral, ¬†to get something like this:

And if you want to tone it down a drop swap the multicolor floral square for this square which has greys, yellows, and taupes:

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The New Crop Is In

If you have stayed the course with me, you are about to get rewarded. A new crop is in in Kid’s and Men’s with new pricing as well (Buy one, get the second with some restrictions at half price). The sad news is that I am skipping next season in the men’s department due to the kids business pulling at me in a good way. I also will probably adapt the blog to more complete ensembles for kids as well which will not limit this blog to ties and squares but in general a color blending blog. Stick around and you can still learn something. Heck I learn something every day in color/texture combinations.

The first group is the starburst collection. Available in 5 colors, (if you count white as a color). Blue, Pink, Red, Green and White.

The ties are paired with a tan linen blend suit from Detomasso, our children’s line of suits made in Southern Italy and a house brand cotton spread collar made in Italy shirt. The tan and Blue work well together with the green tie in the first few pics adding a fresh color that works well with both. The square is also new in the first group as a multi color which I will add and update on the site later tomorrow.

Here is a better shot of the tie against the shirt and suit.

For those that are less comfortable adding too many colors, here you have the same pattern in blue against the blue shirt. Definately safe.

And the full shot here.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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Minding the Chill

You people still there?

I took these pictures some time ago with the intention of posting them here, but never got around to it.

Unless your business is breaking legs while collecting money, in your typical business setting there really is no room for a dark shirt. ¬†However in a clubbing setting (not the “Pay me or I will club you” Clubbing, I mean a night out on the town with some friends either male or female) it has a place as well as a more relaxed kids setting which is why we bought it in the first place. ¬†If in fact you are gonna wear that dark shirt then make sure you do some sort of contrasting color in a jacket so that there are clear lines between the jacket and shirt.

So if you are in the mood to chill out feel free to don that dark navy shirt with a pin stripe cotton blazer from Hickey Freeman or Armani Junior as shown below. ¬†In all cases shown with the contrast edge linen square to just throw a little brightness in. ¬†A tie will defeat the goal you are looking for. ¬†(Unless you do in fact break legs for a living…)

For some deep contrast go all the way out with this white/light blue cotton blazer from Hickey Freeman

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Lessons in Lavender

Indulge me here. It is after all a color coordinating blog so we aren’t off topic.

I have mentioned in the past my main business is a children’s clothing store Tuesday’s Child Boutique which has a web presence at Of the many European brands we carry, there is a line from France for girls called Lili Gaufrette. One of their strong points is that each season almost every piece from the line can interact with the other pieces of the line.

And with that in mind, while photographing a light lavender t-shirt with some skirts (the same skirt in multiple colors) I realized visually just how versatile and universal lavender can be. Granted there are some colors that are strong (i.e. the last coral with the lavender) but the pont here is that it works, so you can take from here that lavender will comfortably fit into most every ensemble and nicely at that. (Its great with blacks and any combination of grays and works well with browns too. We have already covered that elsewhere in this blog. Here are some visuals on other colors.

Lavender Top with Light Green

With Darker Brownish Olive:

With Navy:

With Lavender:

With darker Lavender:

With Coral:

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For Bill

Hey Bill:

This bud’s for you. ¬†The contrast square with the previous ensemble, sans tie. (The tie would have worked, I was just photographing a Fendi houndstooth vest for the kids shop and the v-neck wouldn’t handle the tie well)

What say you?

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