Tie By Tie 21 (Interviews)

With the navy suit, white shirt out I though it timely to talk a little about interview wear.

In an interview, I think that you are best off blending in and erring on the side of mediocrity (with regard to your garb that is) rather than standing out and making a statement.  Here is the time for your interviewer to be focused on what you have said and can do rather than what your clothing say.

That being the case, keep it nice and boring (please do not confuse ugly with boring).  Unless you know they all wear pocket squares then skip the square.  Even if they do wear squares then stay with white or light blue.  Thats why I shot the pics with a white linen square.  Additionally, a white shirt is an easy and safe way to go but you might be able to pull off a light (LIGHT, NOT DARK!!!!) blue shirt.

Here are three options in patterns that I believe are not too busy for an interview.

Square framed circles tie:

Interlocking circles pattern tie:

Soft Pin Dot Twill Tie:

Tomorrow I will show some stripes and another pattern veering slightly (thats the buzz word) away from blue.

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The Conservative Law Interview Round 2

More Royal Colors, Less Light Blue. I get it.

(personally I would go with the last one in this post.)

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