More Spring Addendum

For those that didn’t care for the orange square in the last ensemble, I offer up two options here in alternate squares:

And the classic off white linen shown here:

If ya didnt like the tie then you can swap with a more lively one and stick with the linen square to otherweise tone the ensemble down.

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More Spring Buildup

Happy 2011 to All!

Who am I kidding, its no longer a buildup to Spring. As far as fashion is concerned, Spring is happening as we speak.

Here is a second suit from Hickey Freeman His First Line that we received for the spring and here is the buildup, from shirt to complete ensemble:

Also a His First HF Shirt:  Soft Stripe almost Blue without being a solid Blue.

Added a tie that works well with the suit.  HOWEVER, its close to the suit color so some may not like it and I cannot argue. For that reason I chose a bright square as you shall see.

With the suit.  The suit color is a slate type gunmetal blue, not quite a navy.

Here is the square option I had.  Orange and blue tones make this right and Springy as well.

And here, the square in play completing the ensemble.

Have a great day!

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