Form and Function

Form and Function.  The two words that architects grapple with, playing the art and the practical side in projects against each other.  Ideally, as the architectural  adage goes  “Form follows Function”.

Bringing it home, in matters sartorial layering is important for its practical benefits as well as its aesthetic benefits.

Virtually any layering piece will accomplish the former (function) whereas it takes a little thought to accomplish the latter(Form).

Here is a midnight navy suit, with a light blue shirt, a beige Colombo cashmere vest and a brown and navy cashmere/silk weave tie.  To throw some color in I added a bright red square.

Which is made up of this.

To tone down the square yet still introduce some color, try this floral square which has the burgundy and some of the beige and grey tones:

Made up of this:

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