More On Wool Ties

A wool tie with the proper weave (as opposed to a knitted wool tie) would be perfectly acceptable IMO to use in a business setting.  And contrary to popular thought one needn’t restrict its use to flannel type suits as due to its fine weave it looks little more than a textured silk tie.

Here are a few examples of finely woven wools  that work with regular suits.

Shown with the light  Blue Unlined Wool Tie and Burgundy Paisley Pocket Square.

Just for the closeup of the square as the flash blew away (not literally) the tie and shirt.

The burgundy wool tie with the green paisley square. I didn’t want to keep the burgundy square opting instead for the complementary colors and not the matching.

And here a close up of the square.

Here with a shell Rose pink wool tie. This particular tie happens to be lined hence the larger knot.  The square is one of the multi’s that I have used in the past.

As always, this is just my opinion and I would love to hear yours.

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