Monochrome done better

Looking at the last post I thought that the silver tie while being in the same color family and should therefore work, falls flat as it blends too much in color with the shirt.

Seeking out more contrast to get a little more pop with the tie you get something like this, )a wool solid charcoal grey tie):

True, I had swapped out the square for one with a little more color, but even without the colored square the darker tie does well alone.

Alternagtively here is dark grey (laced with brown and blue) with a splash of blue (the suit also has a splash of blue in there as well) tie.

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Been there done that

A time ago, on the way out of my kids shop, I snapped three iffy”ish” pics of a beautiful black sportscoat from the Hickey Freeman His First line together with tie and shirt that I had paired.  The combo sold well, and here you see it with sportscoat.  The black coat has a blue stripe running through it which is why I put the light blue striped shirt in there as well.  Not that Black cant go with light blue, it can and does so well.  I just thought it so well matched.  Elegant and sharp.

The tie being burgundy and gold works into the black of the coat.  The square puts it all together with pretty mch all the colors combined.  A lovely square.

Here you get a close up of the colors in the square.

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