OK. Time to get back in it

After picking up two new customers from this blog I have come to realize that people are actually seeing this and THAT warrants some activity 🙂
I am gonna randomly choose a tie and work it into some shirts and suits! Any questions please feel free to ask!

OK. This little number is from the Current New Collection (Spring 09). I avoided the light blue shirt here although as in previous posts Light Blue works with Brown, because I felt that sometimes light blue with light blue shirts can be off depending on the shade of blue.
Paired it with an ecru (cream) twill shirt (yes I know I have to retake all the shirts, the pics are terrible), a brown suit with blue stripes ( For some really odd reason that suit is NOT on the site) and this square a personal favorite.
The result is what you see above. Like? Love? Hate? We wanna know!
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