Can’t See The Suit for the Trees

Recognising that in that last post confusing brown we introduced some very earth tone combinations i.e. the brown with the green stripe shirt, I wanted to try and pull a bit away from being confused with a tree by bringing in a light blue and some other bright colors.  True, that blues and reds would technically qualify as “earth tones”  but they arent quite something that you would expect to see up in a tree…

Here is the shirt/Suit in question, Brown for Bark, Green for leaves (incidentally most of the shirts pictured below and in the preceeding post were Hickey Freeman His First shirts that I borrowed from our Kids Shop…)  Certainly somewhat treelike:

Throwing in some Light Blue in the tie and red in the square (Speckled with Blue and trimmed with Green mind you) which IMO works well will give you this look:

Which is the sum of these parts:

Away from the blue tie and with a brown tie to complement the suit your look will be this, a nice look:

Moving somewhat away from the darkish Green shirt we use another shirt that we highlighted last post.  This has some purple and some green in it on an off  white field and with the same square and green tie (now that we have broken away from the dark green we can afford the green tie)  we get a look like this:

Here the shirt and tie match well together and come back to the suit in complementary colors.

Incidentally its the sum of these parts.  As you can see, there is NOTHING here that doesnt coordinate.

I also put it together with another patterned green tie and to be honest I find the sage color in this tie a little too “meh” in this combination , not standing out enough against the shirt so while the tie in and of itself is nice its not enough here.

Finally, coming fully away from the green shirt we bring yet another shirt from yesterdays post which in and of itself brings out what we have been saying all along, Brown and Blue go really well together.  Coupled with the Satin fielded Rectangular patterns tie you get this look:

Swapping out the red square for a navy and golden brown (still not on the site yet) will give you this:

Which is the sum of these parts:

As a final note its important to mention that in earthy combinations like the ones above, skin tone i.e. complexion will play a massive role.

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