Tie By Tie 11b and 12 (Greetings)

Happy 2010 to all!

I too took a little break yesterday from posting something.  I think that instead of doing a “mandatory” Sunday Q and A post I will only do a Q & A after 7 decent questions that havent been covered come up.  So pretty much it can come at any time during the week (or I might just save them for the weekends anyway).  I hope thats fair enough 🙂

Before I continue with the TBT project I wanted to extend a very special greeting to all Easy and Elegant Life readers who have stopped by to see what Chris was talking about.  Thank you Chris!  Enjoy the tie/square and wear it in good health.

For those that couldn’t see Chris’s tie (he is fiddling with a new camera you know 😉 ) this is it:

Chris had it with a Navy sportcoat so it looked perhaps more like this (although hsi sportcoat appears to be lighter):

Getting back to the tie by tie action, Although I put the beige/brown version of the past two posts together with a blue shirt and brown jacket and etc… which looked like this (just cleaned up the photo with the filter feature in Photoshop, great tool!):

I think that ties like this also work well with a Black suit, and white shirt where the beige tones in the tie being a step below gold complement the black nicely and create an elegant look:

Shown here with the white twill shirt, white linen pocket square and black suit are three similarly hued ties: (High Res shots to follow soon)

As Chris Cox would say…Swelligent!

Beige and Light Brown Floral design:

Beige and tan with narrow copper stripe Tie:

And with a Bronze unlined Seven fold:  (I must have removed this fellow from the site thinking I had none left as I see its no longer on the site).

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Tie By Tie 11 (Better Resolving)

Here is a relatively simple and painless resolution one can make this eve of 2010.  Resolve to make a concerted effort to pay attention to your clothing coordination.  This can be accomplished by many ways, one of which is following this blog and asking others (like myself but not limited to) for help so that instead of looking like this (which despite what you may have read elsewhere is just plain… wrong on so many accounts):

You end up looking something like this (Grey/Brown with rust wide stripe suit, Blue Shirt,  Medium Stripe Tie in Blue and Cream with Yellow Floral Square):

With the square detail here:

Or this with the cream twill shirt:

Or the same pattern tie in the brown and beige against the blue shirt:

And for a little more color switching for the burgundy and blue floral square to look like this:

With the square detail here:

Of course, resolving to avoid something like this is also a nice idea 😉

Thanks for making 2009 a great year for FTWU (this blog)  by following and as the consistently increasing readership stats (and purchases) have shown for approving.  Here’s looking forward to an even better and more exciting 2010.

Have a great,  successful and most of all a pleasant 2010.


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