Some Background and Some Resolutions

Here we are again, at the changing of the calendar year. To think that just a few years ago there was that whole Y2K problem and now we enter 2011. Where does it go?

In the migration of the site to its new home, I have been retaking pics and relabeling items and I am up to these.  The Double Sided Silk and Cashmere Scarves, perfect for an elegant night on the town.  I hand picked the vintage silks from my tie makers stock (some of them you might recognize as pocket squares) and backed them with what I thought was an appropriate colored Italian cashmere scarf.  Of course, the joining of the two was done by hand, and the result is what you see here:

As the Vintage Silk here has the Burgundy Field I Chose the Burgundy Colored Scarf.  Easy.

Here is the Back front Detail:

Same with the Navy Vintage Paisleys and The Navy Cashmere Scarf


Here I took a Black Cashmere Backing to work off the Burgundy of the Vintage yet classic Pin Dot Twill giving you a Burgundy/Black Contrast.


Here I felt Visually that the yellow worked nicely with the charcoal grey cashmere scarf.


As far as the resolution part of the post…last year at this time I posted about the need for readers to resolve better.  Now its my turn;  as I have been remiss (for a good cause, but remiss nonetheless) in posting my resolution is to spend more time on this blog, and incorporate it into the new website.  This way we can all be happy. 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2011, I remain, Yours truly.

Jonathan J. Fischer

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