Snakes and Sticks

As I sit down in my bedroom tonight to compose this post and I look over the pictures I took today I am reminded of a joke I heard from my Father and Mentor, Of Blessed Memory:

“A Ranger from a Green Berets unit was retelling his dreadful adventures in the boondocks in Vietnam.
“One day, I was walking on patrol along a path in the boondocks, and suddenly saw a snake.”
“What a horror!” a lady listener gasped.
“But when I came closer to it, I saw it wasn’t a snake at all, but a stick. My, wasn’t I terrified!”
“But if it wasn’t a snake but only a stick, why were you terrified?” asked another listener.

“Because,” the vet explained, “the stick I picked up to hit the snake with was a snake!”

When I snapped these pics I thought that the stronger contrast looked better in the ensemble. Now, in reviewing before posting, I am not so sure. I kinda like the soft blending of the tie and the shirt. The square gives a burst of color.

My snake was a stick, and my stick tuirned out to be a snake.

Your thoughts?


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