Faster than a speeding Train!

In response to a request, posted in this thread, I suggested the following few options. As he posted I was already gathering options.  Indeed faster than a speeding train 🙂

Here is a tie that is a little misleading.  When looked at it with the PC you dont get the true colors in it.  Due to its Plum warp (catena) you get a shimmering purple color in there.  Well matched with this suit and shirt combo. I used this square as its a flash of color that works.

This tie is too dark I fear for this suit and darkish shirt.  Not my favorite.

Just like Goldilocks, I think that this color in this tie is just right.  It livens up the darker shirt by giving contrast.  reverse contrast perhaps but contrast nonetheless.

And this tie gives a pop with the pink and lavender stripes against the black.

Finally, when linking posts, I was reminded of the ties in this post will work well as well.


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  1. I was hoping you’d recommend the second one 🙂 It really looks gorgeous. But, as you say, it is a bit too dark for this combo.

    I like all of them except the third one, it’s not bad, but it is a bit too light for my taste. The other ones are amazing, and the only problem is i doubt I’ll be able to find anything like that, but I at least now know what to look for.

    What shirt should i wear for the second tie to work with this suit? Light pink?

    Thank you so much for your effort!

    • Working backwards through your post I will tell you that its no effort. I enjoy this part of my business.

      Now, for the second tie to work well I might suggest a lighter suit or even with a black or charcoal suit, perhaps a lighter shirt. Light blue works or white (of course) and grey. See here for more on the subject.

      And here:

      For more on that tie. I suppose that pink would technically work but I am not sure I would go there.

      Again, I think that the best action you can get from that tie is to go lighter in suit color so that the tie gets a chance to tell its story.

      Finally, I have linked most of what I have written about in most of my posts to the articles in question from my store, so if you like anything you see on the blog you can generally buy it from the store. Plus to remind you the items would be discounted for a period of 7 days from when I post it. (But not if you ask me to post it only if I post it unsolicited by others.)

      Have a great day!

  2. Thanx for your help. I doubt i’ll find something even remotely close to ties here, but atleast i got best tips on what to look for. Unfortunately, the event is this saturday so i don’t have time to order from your site 😦

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