My Friend the Dentist

When I was a kid, my uncle used to slap us on the back and say “guess whose back” and we would would look at him quizzicaly and he would say YOURS! (Pretty corny I know but we love him 🙂 )

Anyway…Guess who’s back???  Yours truly!  The Holidays were lovely and of course too short.

I have posted before from my friend the dentist from Canada (I know, I never thought I would have a dentist friend but whatever) who has made requests (yeah, we do that) and this swatch is from his most recent.  He mentioned to me that he wanted some purple so thats where we went here but I had to offer up that first one in bronze/rust which is magnificent against black and charcoal.  And for the record, the reason why its important to send it a swatch even for a charcoal is because not all charcoals are created equal as some have a blacker hue and some a browner one.  This one proved to be more towards black.

The burgundy pindot with a light blue shirt.

As per the request here is a twill weave solid in purple which is a new item and available in limited quantities.

This is THE One IMO.  A marinella in light purple.

A little lighter color here for a more springlike look, also a limited quantity.  Note the trace of lilac in the stripe.

Finally for something a little bit different, a green and pink Marinella against the light blue shirt and  charcoal suit.

Of course on all of these squares would add another dimension.  If the good Doc would let me know which he likes I will work a square or trwo into the mix.

It’s good to be back!



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