S10 Tie By Tie 8 (Flying Purple People Eater)

Busy busy days and short staffed leaves me with little free time. This shot was snapped Friday with the intent of posting then but as I ran out of time I was forced to resort to the post by email of the pic of the week.

From the Spring Collection here is a textured floral design in strong purple. You wont go unnoticed with this baby which is incidentally the wildest tie of the season. Shown with the purple and black square, a soft lilac shirt and a pink stripe charcoal suit.

Links and whatnot, tomorrow.  Gotta get some sleep 🙂

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  1. Hi, can you recommend me a tie to go with that suit, but with a light purple shirt? I have the exact same suit, but the shirt is like this

    Which kind of tie would you recommend me? The tie i have currently is almost identical to this one

    but I’m a bit dark skinned, so it should be something of a livelier colour.

    Maybe one of these:


    • Hi and thanks for commenting and requesting. I think that in this case with a dark suit and a darker than usual toned shirt you might want to go a little lighter in Tie color. I can work some things up but you have to tell me if you particularly despise certain things, like paisleys, or stripes etc.

      Awaiting your response.


  2. I’m trying to reply but i’m always getting “discarded” after i press “submit comment”. Strange.

  3. I don’t have a problem with anything, just as lon as the colours are not too in-your-face. Something in the lines of the tie pictured in this article is what i like the most.

  4. Here’s wahat i’ve got so far

    Blue shirt

    And this

    Light purple shirt – the colour of the shirt is way off in theses two pics, but the ties look ok

    These look ok themselves, but they don’t go well with my darker complection.

    Sorry for the triple reply!

    • Dont like the blue shirt with the pin dot tie. They look too dark and drab. Get livelier with the tie to wake up wither set.

  5. Got It. I didnt wait for your response, instead I figured I could get cracking on something while I waited. I will post it in a minute. Let me know if we are on the mark or even close.

  6. And the reason that it rejects it is because when you submit links it suspects that its SPAM and therefore rejects the comment until I approve it (which I will do so now).

  7. […] than a speeding Train! In response to a request, posted in this thread, I suggested the following few options. As he posted I was already gathering options.  Indeed […]

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