Tie By Tie 26 (More “Just Ins”)

Using the same sportscoat from last week I thought to show some more options which you can see here:

Oddly I didn’t shoot this with the square in the pocket.  Not sure why ;-).  I like the blue shirt with the grey and the coffee brown tie with the grey jacket and it helps to pull the check in the jacket out as well.  All shown with the honey jar square.

Here with the pink twill tie.  I like this look

Not sure about this tie here.  Looked better when I was taking it but here in the pic it doesn’t look that great.

Finally, a little Wintery coloration here with the dark satin based stripe.

Just a heads up, the buying season is getting hot and heavy and in fact I leave for Italy on Wednesday evening, so it may get a little spotty over the next few weeks, but I will do my best and will be back so don’t give up on me 🙂

Unabashed Plug here:  I have gone to some serious discounts on the cashmeres and other items on the FIH Site.  Cashmere coats, under 700 dollars, Scarves between 25-35% off.  Same with Cashmere Sweaters.  Check it out!


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  1. It’s becoming more and more interesting.The assemble is a lived.It is in my opinion having to match up shirt/tie against a dark colored jacket is monotonous.Be more flamboyant.


  2. I am glad you like it :-). I try.

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