Tie By Tie 24 (More Twills)

Greetings and a happy work week to all.

Sorry for the quiet weekend.   Friday was a short and rushed day and Sunday the missus dragged me along with her to our yearly before I go to Italy/Mid winter upstate getaway with the kids for a few days.  The true pleasures in life, watching your kids really enjoy themselves 🙂

Anyway, I snapped a few shots before the weekend though along the lines of the previous post i.e. Twills:

Here is what we have:

The shirt is Light Blue, The suit is Navy, The square is multicolor with all the right colors therein.  The tie is Orange.  Normally Orange is a gret meatch with all sorts of blues.  Here I wasnt crazy about it.  Not sure why other than the fact that it just didnt do anything for me perhaps. Would probably work better with a darker blue shirt for better contrast. (I will try that when I get back to the store).

Square detail here:

Better was the pink version of the same tie shown below:

Broken up here:

A very successful week to all!


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