Tie By Tie 18 (Your Omega-3 Source)

Had a long day today so the text part of todays post is gonna be quick and I will let the pictures do the talking.  This might be the theme going forward as the buying season kicks in for Tuesday’s Child.   Tomorrow in fact we head out to write Diesel but I have part two of tonights scheduled for tomorrow so expect something from me tomorrow night as well.   Incidentally, Omega-3’s BTW are a healthy fatty acid found in salmon the color of which was the idea behind the post, and while salmon colored ties don’t do much in the way of improving your health, they do happen to look nice.  (you can read more about the important health benefits of Omega-3 here.).

The Jacket is a Hickey Freeman His First, shown with a light blue shirtsalmon colored tie and orange square.

With the square detailing here:

I thought that the orange of the square while working well with the jacket in and of itself  was too closely matched to the square.  Instead I took this which worked with the jacket and had some orange highlights.  Tomorrow’s post will have the square detail and I should probably add it to the site one of these days so people can actually BUY them.  Duh… 😦

Come to think of it, I didn’t do too bad with regard to the text here. Imagine if I wouldnt have been tired…



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