Tie By Tie 15 (The Green Lantern)

Here is a dark pea green tweed Hickey Freeman His First jacket that we did in the kids shop which was  rather nice but not your run of the mill.  Green works well with blues of all sorts as I have illustrated in the past, so I chose a Hickey Freeman Blue narrow striped shirt.  Rounded out with the brown and blue floral patterned tie and a multicolored flowerpot square.   As the sportscoat is pretty much patternless, I was comfortable using more busy accouterments in the way of a striped shirt and patterned tie and square.  Your result is this: (I’ll venture out of the realm of this blog by suggesting a chocolate brown flannel pant to complete the ensemble).  (And for outerwear you are safe with a camel or caramel colored coat, like this one. and any of many scarves from my site.)

With a square detail here (get a load of the vibrancy of those colors!):

While the colors “match” here, I thought that this tie, not having enough contrast fell flat against the green of the jacket and blue of the shirt.  Additionally while the dominant stripes of the tie are wider spaced, when you blow it up the underlying stripes are too closely matched in size, causing the stripes in the tie to conflict with the stripes in the shirt. (see Alan Flusser in “Dressing the Man” for more on this)


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