Tie By Tie 13 (Oldies But Goodies)

I was born in 1970 and pretty much grew up on the music of the 70’s and the 80’s.  In fact I have 7 (70’s) and 8 (80’s) as pre-set stations in my car on XM radio which is pretty stupid if you think about it because its just as easy to flip the dial one station as it is to hit the pre set button but whatever 🙂 )  As such, it kills me to hear a remix of an oldie but goodie as invariably (at least in my opinion) the remix doesnt make it better it makes it worse.

Happily, that is not the case with remakes of ties that were successful in earlier seasons.  If it was a tie that we introduced in earlier seasons and sold out quickly we often did a remake and when we did we  added all the improvements that we had done throughout the seasons, like self tipping, wool interlinings for better shape retention and other things.

Here is one of those oldies but goodies, a tie from our original launch that was unique in its  satin and brown copper like look  pictured first with a navy suit, then with a brown.

Navy Suit, Light Blue Shirt, Green based Multicolored Floral Square (not yet shown on the site) :

Shown here a detail of the square:

Swapping out the square for a detailed Crop, Bridle and stirrup print in red, brown and some green:

With the final look as so (Intentionally positioned so that the green shows as green works well with navy):

changed the suit for a deep dark brown and the square for a large painted paisley with slate blue and burnt rust/orange highlights:

With the final shown here:


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