Tie By Tie 11b and 12 (Greetings)

Happy 2010 to all!

I too took a little break yesterday from posting something.  I think that instead of doing a “mandatory” Sunday Q and A post I will only do a Q & A after 7 decent questions that havent been covered come up.  So pretty much it can come at any time during the week (or I might just save them for the weekends anyway).  I hope thats fair enough 🙂

Before I continue with the TBT project I wanted to extend a very special greeting to all Easy and Elegant Life readers who have stopped by to see what Chris was talking about.  Thank you Chris!  Enjoy the tie/square and wear it in good health.

For those that couldn’t see Chris’s tie (he is fiddling with a new camera you know 😉 ) this is it:

Chris had it with a Navy sportcoat so it looked perhaps more like this (although hsi sportcoat appears to be lighter):

Getting back to the tie by tie action, Although I put the beige/brown version of the past two posts together with a blue shirt and brown jacket and etc… which looked like this (just cleaned up the photo with the filter feature in Photoshop, great tool!):

I think that ties like this also work well with a Black suit, and white shirt where the beige tones in the tie being a step below gold complement the black nicely and create an elegant look:

Shown here with the white twill shirt, white linen pocket square and black suit are three similarly hued ties: (High Res shots to follow soon)

As Chris Cox would say…Swelligent!

Beige and Light Brown Floral design:

Beige and tan with narrow copper stripe Tie:

And with a Bronze unlined Seven fold:  (I must have removed this fellow from the site thinking I had none left as I see its no longer on the site).

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