More Interview Gear

Season’s Greetings to all.

No queries of the week this week due to the fact that most of the search terms were been there done that terms (meaning they were either covered in previous q & a posts or they were basic concepts covered in pictorial posts of the past. )

Here is a quick workup for an i-banking interview. In any interview the idea is to have your clothing be less noticeable and you more noticeable. Have them focusing on YOU and not what you are wearing. I would recommend wearing a square only if you know that its commonly worn in the office you are interviewing in and even after you have ascertained that KISS it – Keep it simple stupid and go with solids whites or at most blue, linen (recommended) or silk.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

All against a white shirt and light blue linen square. The question was asked based on a charcoal suit so its what I used.

A patterned blue and navy tie. Its there and its quiet. Thats all you want in an interview. It says, See? I do what I am supposed to.

Burgundy themed is also OK as long as its not a strong burgundy. again, avoid directing their eyes to your tie. Here is a grey and burgundy tie which works well with the charcoal and white. Again, subtle and not much more.

The same here. Its a burgundy and gold weave but as neither color is too strong it comes off as a subtle burgundy tie, with dots. Classic.

Remember, they aren’t looking to hire your clothing, they are looking to hire you!


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