Queries of the Week – Volume 4

Here are some of this weeks search terms that brought readers to FTWU’s virtual door.  Lots of weather related searches, like matching with coats and sweaters etc so lead off is this:

1) Blue sweater with a charcoal suit? – FTWU says yes.  A blue sweater will work well with a charcoal suit, be it Navy or a lighter blue.  Charcoal is versatile and goes with almost everything.  Posts on this blog will give you visual confirmations on that.

2) Green ties go with what? – Green is an under-appreciated color.  It works well with Navy, with Black, with Brown and with Camel.  These are a few colors off the top of my head, many others work as well.  Some shades are better than others and to pair exactly which with which needs a case by case look over, but as a rule green is good.

3) Is blue and white elegant for an affair? – A solid navy blue suit together with a white shirt can be elegant and quite so.  Add a white linen pocket square and a silver or cream tie and viola! Please bear in mind though that there is elegant and dressy and then there is proper protocol.  If the affair is black tie and you show wearing the above mentioned ensemble you will be elegant but its not what was called for, so always consider and be sensitive to the host’s wishes.

4) What color tie goes with a red shirt? – Hmmmmm….Do I have to answer this? ;-).  Seriously though, I cannot imagine in what setting you would want a tie with a RED shirt.  If its red stripped on a white field or something of that nature, then stick to a subtle type of tie as you will already have enough attention in the shirt.

5) How to match suit colours? – I imagine that this question meant how to match complimenting items to a suit and if that is the case, I think that the answer is that a beginner should look to nature for help.  Usually the way that things grow, the colors that you see in flowers and in articles of nature are a good guide.  Seriously, go outside in the Summer, look at trees in the Fall, and head to a florist and admire G-d’s Handiwork.  He does an amazing job of decorating 🙂

6) Suit, shirt, and tie combinations for an interview? – In one word “Subtle”. Here is not where you want to make fashion statements.  Here is where you want to blend in as far as dress code and shine as far as what you can offer to the company.   Navy Suit, (clean) White shirt, Blue tie with a subtle pattern, polished shoes and thats all.  If its a firm that every one wears pocket squares and you know this for a fact then wear a solid white or light blue square.  Last thing you want is them to be focusing on your clothing and not you.

7) Will an Orange tie work with a yellow shirt? – There is a major difference between matching and working.  Orange and Yellow match, but they will come off really strong together.  Dont forget to bring the sunglasses 🙂

Have a great week and a Happy Hannukah for those that are celebrating!

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