Queries of the week – Volume 3

Here are some of this weeks search terms that brought readers to FTWU’s virtual door.

1) What type pocket square with stripe tie? – In general keep to different type patterns and colors when adding a square, so if your tie is striped then you might want to introduce a  solid square or if you are more comfortable mixing patterns a patterned square (thats not a stripe) will work. You certainly want to avoid too much of a similar thing in the same ensemble, be it color or pattern.

2) Rust and black shirt – Black suit burgundy shirt – Brown suit and red shirt – This type of question has come up alot recently.  My feeling is that anything with a dark shirt is going to be suitable only for clubbing (party going) or the other type of “clubbing” as in mafia type  swinging of the baseball bat work.  Otherwise when in a work or dress setting, leave the dark shirt home.

3) Best tie for black suit beige shirt – As posted in this blog, you can go almost anywhere with this combination.   If its a somber occasion, then darker colors will work.  (AVOID MEDIUM BLUE – NAVY THOUGH).  A more festive one and burgundy works well as does orange and red. (But are you really wearing a black suit to a truly festive occasion?)

4) Blue shirt with cream suit – A beautiful combination.  think of a nice almost clear day with a blue sky and some milky white clouds.  Soothing, no?  This link to the right (cream suits) shows some nice Cream and Blue pics.

5) Burgundy scarf and camel jacket (coat)?  – FTWU says no and I intentionally left that combo out when photographing in this post as I think that it looks BAD.

6) Checkered shirt with suit? – When selecting checked patterned shirts care must be taken to ensure that the checks aren’t too large which will take the shirt out of the dressy and put it squarely (I couldnt resist, please pardon the pun 😦 ) into the casual realm.   Also avoid too many colors in the checks (plaid) of the shirt which will also make it too fruity looking and sporty as well.

7) Dark brown sport coat pink shirt? – Dark brown and Pink work together and work together nicely at that.  Keep the Pink to a light pink or at best medium.  Too dark will kill the look.

Have a great week!

PS:  Paul, go easy on me 😉

rust and black shirt
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