Your Second Coat

Your second coat can and should be one with a little more life i.e. color to it.  A great option is a camel colored coat or something in that family like the Colombo Cashmere Caramel one pictured below.

A camel colored coat as you will see in the pictures below works very well with many suit colors, Black, Brown, Navy, Charcoal, Tan and lots of others as well.

Here again the options in neckwear accessories (thats fancy talk for scarves, dude) are manyfold and I have pictured only some below.

Again with the Alex Begg Dark Grey Cashmere Scarf:

The Colombo cashmere Double Pin Stripe Scarf in Black with Camel Stripes:

Incidentally this is actually the accurate color of the Caramel Coat and scarf:

A lighter Grey Medium Stripe from Colombo cashmere:

A dark Chocolate Chalk Stripe from Colombo Cashmere:

An Olive and Tan Horizontal Stripe (not on the site…hmmmm…) from Colombo Cashmere:

And as I have mentioned before, quite possibly my favorite solid color of the season, the hunter green from Colombo Cashmere (Looks warm all nestled in there!) :

Have a great Weekend All!

(EDIT:  I have written and shown more on the versatility and scarf options on a camel coat in this post, Camel is King)

PS:  If you want some questions answered in this weeks Q&A  feel free to email me!

PPS:  By popular demand the Cashmere sale on the site has been extended till after the Holidays.


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